5 Wrinkle-Forming Habits and SAGGY Skin – You Need to Ditch


Did you know that some of your habits can cause wrinkles?

5 Wrinkle-Forming Habits and SAGGY Skin - You Need to Ditch saggy skin wrinkclesMost wrinkles are caused from sun, and only a small portion are caused by skin aging itself. However, habits can play a role in how you wrinkle too.
We know that sun protection is the most important thing you can do to fight wrinkles. UV rays cause wrinkles when they break down the actual structure of your skin such as your collagen, elastin, and the top cell layer called the epidermis.

Genetically, some people’s skin is more prone to UV damage than others, and that’s not just because of ethnicity and the amount of baseline skin pigment. Within a given skin ethnic type, there is variation in how much structural damage occurs with UV exposure.

5 Wrinkle-Forming Habits and SAGGY Skin


See for yourself – look at the difference between wrinkles from the sun and those from age. They are obvious when you look at the under-surface of your arm, which is sun protected, compared with the outer surface. Likewise, if you are a woman, your breast skin is typically sun protected compared with the V of your chest. Does the skin look different in those areas?

Aside from not protecting your skin from the sun, what other habits can give you wrinkles?

  • Squinting in the sun because you are not using your sunglasses will cause a furrow between your brow and crow’s feet.
  • Taking drags on cigarettes for years causes smoker’s lines around the mouth. Smoking itself has been linked to an increase in facial wrinkles too.
  • If you are a woman, sleeping on your side can create more wrinkling between your breasts over the years.
  • Not using a good moisturizer and not exfoliating will cause “crinkles” to your skin’s appearance, but true wrinkles are much deeper. Crinkles reverse when you use a good moisturizer and exfoliate excess dead cells off your skin’s surface to give it a shiny and hydrated glow.
  • Over time, repeated dominant facial expressions pulled by facial muscles will cause wrinkles – let them be smile lines and not frown lines because they are inevitable as we age.


Want to stave-off wrinkles? Follow these simple tips.

Wear sunscreen daily on exposed skin. Check out the facial sunscreens I trust.
Protect your skin by covering it up. Here are general sunscreens and hats that I trust.
Fight “wrinkles” with these facial moisturizers.
You can use a great facial exfoliation scrub to fight those crinkles too.
Want to fight the structural damage that causes wrinkles with more than sunscreen alone