7 Tips To Look 15 Younger For Aging Mom


Think of these easy-to-do activities as an introduction to looking and feeling 7 Years Younger.

Like a mini-spa-getaway, these anti-aging ideas will let you indulge in some beauty pampering while you make more time to be active and exercise and eat right. You’ll soon feel the difference as you get on track to make age-defying practices a habit. Enjoy!

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Try an at-home peel

It’s one of the quickest ways to improve the look of your skin. A peel is designed to dissolve accumulated dead cells on the surface of skin, leaving your complexion smoother and more luminous. When you shed those dead cells, active ingredients in your skin care—like antioxidants and retinoids—are better able to penetrate.


Turn up the wattage on your smile

Try a whitening toothpaste or an at-home whitening kit for a few weeks to brighten your teeth. A whiter smile (and more smiling) telegraphs youthfulness.


Fast-forward your look

Updating your cut, color, or style is a surefire way to look and feel 7 Years Younger. Your stylist is a key consultant when it comes to determining what will best complement your hair type, texture, and face shape, but you should do some homework of your own. Tear out photos of age-appropriate models and celebs to bring to your appointment. You’ll get the best results when you communicate your ideas clearly.


Make small changes in your diet for big results

Instead of sweeping all-or-nothing resolutions, set your sights on doable goals. Replace your daily soft drink with a large glass of water three times a week, or reduce by half the amount of cream you add to your coffee. Or switch out fast food fries for oven-baked fries to save 275 calories. The following week, add another mini-goal, and keep going.


Increase your physical activity daily

Women who move more throughout the day have greater success at weight loss and maintenance. Set some mini-goals for the week: taking the stairs instead of an elevator or escalator; walking to the store/post office that’s farther away. Climbing 10 flights of stairs burns 85 calories in under 10 minutes. Consistent small calorie burn-offs can add up to large weight losses.


Create a “memory place”

Set a bowl or basket in your entryway and use it for frequently used (and frequently lost) items, such as keys, glasses, and cell phone. You’ll instantly raise your find-it quotient.


Build a positivity habit

When something nice happens to you, no matter how small, take a moment to enjoy the feeling. Let it fill your mind and heart. All too often, we brush off positive events as random or accidental and cling to negative ones. Try to shift the balance toward the positive.