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BioMuscle XR Review – Does It Work? Don’t Try Until You Read these Facts
BioMuscle XR BodyBuilding

Biomuscle XR Reviews: – There are many reviews about it. is biomuscle xr a scam or it works. You can ready in many reviews but what I found that it works and contains an amazing formula that works.

BioMuscle XR is a new nutritional supplement exclusively available in the United States and Canada. Here’s our BioMuscle XR review.

What is BioMuscle XR?

BioMuscle XR is a nutritional supplement that claims to use powerful “muscle growth accelerator” ingredients to maximize the gains from your workout.

The supplement claims to have recently experienced a surge in media attention and demand, which is why they’re limiting orders to 250 trials per day.

The BioMuscle XR trial offer has gained considerable attention: you pay a small $6 fee for shipping and handling and you’ll receive a trial offer of BioMuscle XR on your doorstep within 3-5 days. However, as you’ll learn below, there’s a big catch to that trial offer.

Other key features of BioMuscle-XR include its promise of a 100% natural formula with no fillers. Key ingredients include amino acids like L-citrulline and L-arginine, both of which are essential for rebuilding muscle after a workout.

How Does BioMuscle XR Work?

BioMuscle XR claims to work using three key active ingredients: L-citrulline, L-arginine, and L-norvaline.

These three amino acids play a critical role throughout your body, working in various ways to improve your strength and muscle gains.

L-citrulline, for example, purportedly increases nitric oxide production, which widens your blood vessels and allows for better oxygen and nutrient flow to your muscles when they need it most.

L-arginine, on the other hand, is a critical amino acid that your body uses to make protein. Typically, we get L-arginine from dietary sources like red meat (the body can’t make it on its own). L-arginine is also thought to work in a similar way to L-citrulline and widens blood vessels by increasing NO production.

The manufacturer of BioMuscle XR doesn’t provide an extensive description of how L-norvaline works, simply claiming that it “helps in building lean muscle.”

Altogether, these ingredients will help enhance your pump (similar to what you would experience when taking an NO supplement) while also encouraging your body to grow lean muscle mass.

BioMuscle XR Ingredients

The creators of BioMuscle XR have chosen not to list their supplement’s ingredients. Instead, they simply claim that the supplement has just three ingredients:

— L-Citrulline
— L-Arginine
— L-Norvaline

You can’t combine these three ingredients together to make a supplement. It just doesn’t work. The fact that BioMuscle XR doesn’t even describe what the capsule is made of, or what other ingredients are included within the supplement, is worrying to say the least.

Complicating matters even further is the fact that BioMuscle XR doesn’t describe how much of any of the three amino acids listed above is included within the supplement. So even though we know three of the ingredients, we have no idea how much of each ingredient is used.

When you’re paying $90+ for a supplement, you expect it to list the amounts of each ingredient. This makes it easy to compare BioMuscle XR to, say, a $10 nitric oxide supplement.

Despite the lack of transparency, the creators of BioMuscle XR continue to make bold claims across their sales page, including saying things like “100% all natural formula” and “highest quality, highest concentration”. It’s difficult to say whether or not these claims are true because BioMuscle XR never actually lists its ingredients.

How to Buy BioMuscle XR

BioMuscle XR is currently only available online through the official BioMuscle XR website at At that site, you’ll see prominent advertising for a “trial offer”.

That trial offer is only available to residents of the United States and Canada. Here are the important details of the trial:

— When you first sign up for the trial, you’ll be asked to enter your credit card information to pay a $5.95 shipping and handling fee

— Your credit card is immediately charged $5.95 for shipping and handling while also being pre-approved for a future $89.73 charge

— That $89.73 charge covers the full cost of the product. Your credit card will be charged that amount 14 days after you order BioMuscle XR.

— This is called a “trial offer” because you have 14 days from the time of your original order to decide whether or not BioMuscle XR is right for you. If you’re unhappy with BioMuscle XR at any time within those 14 days, then you’ll need to contact the company to cancel your order.

— Your credit card will continue to be charged $89.73 plus $5.95 shipping and handling every month automatically. You’ll receive a new order of BioMuscle XR on your doorstep every month.

Ultimately, the trial offer for BioMuscle XR seems cheap at first glance: you pay just $5.95 today. However, if you’re not careful about cancelling your subscription and calling the manufacturer, then you can quickly end up with hundreds of dollars in automatic charges on your credit card in less than 30 days.

Who Makes BioMuscle XR?

BioMuscle XR is made by a company that calls itself, appropriately enough, BioMuscleXR. That company lists its address as the following:

14603 E. Moncrieff Place
Suite 100
Aurora, CO 80011 United States
The company can be contacted by phone at 1-866-356-7277 or by email at:

BioMuscleXR claims that its customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience.

If you need to return your BioMuscle XR shipment or cancel your subscription, then you’ll need to contact customer service by phone or email and request an RMA number. Then, you’ll need to mail your unfinished product to the address listed above to receive your refund.

Searching for the above address online reveals numerous complaints from customers. The complaints seem to be related to a company named Fulfillment Center which is also based at the above address.

One customer on said the following about a company that uses the same address as BioMuscle XR:

“I ordered a free trial of these all natural vitamins that helped increase your metabolism and cleanse your body. I only paid for the shipping of 5.95 for the free trial. But after the the free trial month, they kept sending the pills each month and charging me around $70 for the one pills and $87 for the others. I can’t find a number to contact them on any of the bottles or packaging either.”

Be sure to read the terms and conditions for BioMuscle XR before you order. Otherwise, you may end up with hundreds of dollars in charges on your credit card for supplements that you never explicitly ordered.

Overall, it’s a gamble whether it will work or not for you, but just be aware that like so many other muscle boosting supplements, it is offered in a free trial. Most don’t care as long as the supplement works. – Try it yourself and see. Just be ready to cancel if it doesn’t.

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