Breast Reduction Cost And Breast Augmentation Recovery


Breast Augmentation Recovery – Breast Reduction Cost Review

Naturaful1There are a lot of reasons why women with overly large breast want a breast reduction surgery. Common reasons are to improve the appearance and health purposes for those suffering from back and shoulder pains. In today’s advance technology, there are a lot of treatments for cosmetic and health problems involving breast size and the most common treatment is surgery. Of course one of the things you should know is the breast reduction cost.

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Your insurance may cover the expenses if the surgery is medically necessary but in some cases cosmetic surgeries are not covered by insurances. You have to check with your insurance if they will cover the breast surgery. Breast reduction cost could range from $6,000-$12,000; the cost may include hospital or operating room facilities, anaesthesia and doctor’s fee. Cost may vary according to location and patient’s needs or the extent of the procedure. The doctor’s fee may vary a lot with regards to their expertise. Of course it is a must to get a certified plastic surgeon. If patient’s situation requires additional work to be done by the surgeon like breast lift, the procedure could be really expensive.


If you will encounter a breast reduction cost at the lower range, you have to make sure that they are giving you the complete quote covering hospital facilities, anaesthesia and doctor’s fees to avoid a costly surprise after the surgery. It is also important to know if your condition will require additional procedure so that you will know if there will be possible add-ons to your surgery cost. Of course you have to check the qualifications of the people who will perform the surgery. Breast reduction cost could be really expensive so you have to make sure you will get the best and safest service.

While breast surgery is the common treatment to reduce large breasts, there are also natural ways to reduce breast size. Some people are into natural methods to avoid high breast reduction cost and the risk of surgeries. To learn more about natural breast reduction method visit

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Breast Reduction Cost And Breast Augmentation Recovery 

Many women wish to have their breasts reduced in order to look better or prevent back and neck pain or injury. The main problem with breast reduction is the cost which can be substantial. A lot of women decide against having their breasts reduced simply because they can’t afford it or just believe that they can’t afford it. But the truth is that breast reduction doesn’t have to be that expensive. It all depends on which treatment option you go for.

The two mainstream breast reduction treatments available today are breast reduction surgery and breast reduction pills. But what is the difference in cost between the two?

1. Breast Reduction Surgery – Surgery is very expensive. Don’t expect to find anyone who is willing to do this surgery for less than 4,000$. And that’s a minimum. If you do find a doctor who is willing to do it for less, run for the hills. It’s very suspicious that any doctor would be willing to work for that little money and I would be very suspicious.

The cost of breast reduction surgery is determined by the level of expertise of the surgeon you choose and of his clinic. The better the surgeon, the higher the cost. It can easily climb up to 7,000$ and even more. It is often better to pay more to get someone good. Remember, the surgeon is going to work on your breasts with a knife and you want to have the best treatment available.


2. Breast Reduction Pills – Pills cost a lot less than surgery. The cost of this treatment depends on the length of time in which you will need to take these pills. Usually, you will need 3-6 months in order to reach the best results. It depends on how big a reduction you need. A 6 months supply of pills will cost you 300-450$, not including shipping costs. Many women have found breast reduction pills to be very effective. The major downside to this treatment is that it’s a gradual process and not a one time procedure like surgery.

I hope that this short review has helped you decide which treatment options is best for you. I wish you luck with whichever treatment you choose. You can also check  The Natural & Effective Surgery Alternative to Fuller Breasts! This cream will help increase the size of the breasts by stimulating new cell growth in the breast tissue

Breast Augmentation Recovery

The larger the breasts the more confident women are. This has been proven by many studies which are why breast augmentation surgery has become very popular. Women with larger breasts or who have enhanced their breast have more confidence; have experienced more enjoyable and richer lifestyles. Just like any surgical operations, large breast augmentation does not come without risks. Know the different breast augmentation recovery tips so can fully enjoy your new look.

The recovery time will depend on your general health condition and your ability to follow doctor’s advice. The first few days after the operation are very critical and expect to feel the worst. Your breast will have bruises and you will feel sore. There might be tingling sensation and you can feel your implants on your chest. There is no need to worry as these situations are quite ‘normal’ and in a few days the bruises and discomfort will disappear.

Going Home – Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips
Depending on your surgeon, you might be allowed to go home on the same day or you might be required to stay in the hospital or clinic overnight for observation. Two important ingredients included in breast augmentation recovery tips are rest and water. Even if you feel it is okay to move around, it is advisable to be at rest most of the times until you are fully recovered. Rest can speed up the healing process – what to expect after breast augmentation?


Drink a lot of water before and after the surgery. It will help fight off nausea after the operation which is usually due to anesthesia. Your doctor will prescribe pain killer and antibiotic as after medication. If you have high tolerance for pain, you can skip the pain killer. However, you should not skip the antibiotics because this will keep you safe from infection.

Results of Surgery
The results of the surgery will depend on your age, current breasts, nipples position, overall health, and ability to heal. Right after the surgery, your breasts will look and feel unnatural. This is due to the implants which are yet to settle down in place. Some women claimed that after the surgery, their breasts feel less sensitive. Others feel the opposite.

The changes in sensation can be a temporary or permanent effect. And as you get older, your breast will still sag. Implants will not keep your breasts from sagging.
. Brestrogen is a topical cream which is made of safe and powerful nutrients that will help you get a fuller and firmer breast. You can use the product at home; that means you don’t need a clinic visit and no time off work.

The recovery after breast augmentation takes less than one week to get back to work and to feel little to no pain, but it will take 6-12 months to fully heal. Here is what you can expect after your breast augmentation surgery (other than shopping for new clothes, a new swimsuit and spending lots of time in front of the mirror).

1 Week After Surgery

Your breasts will be swollen and possibly bruised right after surgery. Compression in a surgical bra, icing, rest, and elevation of your chest will all help to lower the amount of swelling and pain you have right after surgery. Moving your arms, walking and staying hydrated in the first week will also aid in your recovery during the first week.

Your new best friend in the first week after your breast augmentation will be a pain pump. Not used by all plastic surgeons (although I have no idea why not), a pain pump is a wonderful little ball that is filled with numbing medication. Two small tubes run from the ball to the areas of your incisions and newly formed “breast pockets” to deliver a continuous stream of medicine.

The pain pump greatly reduces and sometimes even eliminates the need for oral narcotics, which have side effects as mild as constipation and as severe as addiction. Plus, because the medicine is delivered only to the area of pain and not throughout your entire body, you’ll feel better.

1 Month After Surgery

Your pain is generally gone, and you can begin to enjoy your new “girls.” Light exercise such as walking is possible right after surgery. However, wait to do any vigorous exercise until 2-4 weeks after your surgery to allow your incisions to fully heal.

Your nipples and the areas around them may initially feel numb or sensitive followed in the next days or weeks by feeling funny, itchy, tingly, or having a light burning sensation. The nerves to the nipples are stretched from surgery and then compressed by swelling. The new sensations are good news and simply mean that the nerves are waking up again and starting to function normally. This feeling goes away, typically within the first 3-4 weeks after surgery, although it may take up to 6 months to go away.

You (or a lucky partner) will probably be instructed to do gentle “breast implant massage” to allow your breasts to remain soft and hopefully reduce scar tissue formation around your breast implants.

2-4 Months After Surgery

Your breasts will finally start to drop at this point, and appear more natural. In the first six weeks or so after surgery, your breasts are more “perky,” and many women start to worry that their breasts will always be standing at attention. Not to worry. At this point, your breasts will be less full, more soft and will naturally drop slightly below your breast fold when not wearing a bra.

6-12 Months After Surgery

By this time, your new breasts will feel very natural and truly a part of you. You should have no abnormal nipple sensations and if you become pregnant, you should be able to lactate and produce milk. Normal breast feeding is very likely for patients who have a baby after breast surgery (… so is an eventual Mommy Makeover, but that’s another topic!)

Overall, your self confidence should be greater, and you will be able to rock that low cut blouse that you’ve been wanting. Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic procedure on the planet for a reason. The recovery is relatively quick and women love the results!

If you have decided on having a breast augmentation, you have most likely spent a lot of time contemplating the decisions that accompany the procedure. You have chosen your doctor, had a consultation, and chosen the type of implant and agreed with the type of procedure/incision the doctor has suggested, but have you put any thought into you recovery? A well-planned recovery is an important step to this cosmetic medical procedure.

First, in addition to planning the time off to have the surgery, you will need ample down time. It is not farfetched to schedule two weeks of downtime. The doctor will tell you how long to refrain from exercise, and lifting weights may be out of the question for even longer. Daily life however is often overlooked. Lifting your children is something you will need to consider.

If you have young children that are accustom to being carried, you will need to prepare them for your recovery time, and you will need to ensure that another adult will be available as well, as you will be surprised at the number of daily tasks that require you to use the muscle surrounding the newly operated area.

Cooking, reaching, driving, bending etc. will all find you putting strain on incisions, so be sure to account for these inabilities as part of your recovery. Ideally, your spouse or another adult should be present for several days following your operation. Something that a lot of women overlook is the weight of a purse or handbag. Prior to your procedure, scale down to the smallest bag possible.

Carry only a wallet with identification and cash. The weight of a larger bag and the motion entailed in throwing it over your shoulder seems like a very detailed thing to avoid, but even after you are released to drive, run errands, etc. you should keep this suggestion in mind.

Another part of breast augmentation surgery, that women are often not informed about is the phenomenon of post-operative depression. This is a part of any operation. The stress that a procedure puts on your body takes its own recovery time. Undergoing plastic surgeries carry even more risk of depression. Not only does your body need to adjust, but psychological and emotional factors also contribute to a woman’s recovery.

Getting used to your new body even though it is a decision that you made takes some time, and many women expect to immediately accept the physical changes which were, after all well thought out and longed for, but it does not come instantly. Do not fear that you have made the wrong decision; just know that it is natural to not immediately accept your new look.

Making careful considerations about your recovery time is just as important as choosing to have a breast augmentation itself. Plan to time with care, and you can avoid some of the difficulties that may otherwise plague your recovery.