FOCUS T25 Workout – NEW Shaun T 25 Minute Workouts


Do You Really Want To Get In Great Shape?… This Is The Way To Do It…  How And Why I Started With The Focus T25 Workout

FOCUS T25 Workout - NEW Shaun T 25 Minute Workouts

The Focus T25 workout created quite a stir in many fitness circles. If you’ve heard about Beachbody and their products you are already familiar with what it is – a dvd workout program designed to give you a great looking body.

Get an hour’s worth of results in 25 minutes a day! Trainer Shaun T gives you everything you need, nothing you don’t with Focus Interval Training (F.I.T.) 25 minutes. 5 days a week. 100% results.

FOCUS T25 comes with 11 workouts on 9 DVDs, a Quick Start guide, the Get It Done Nutrition guide, Alpha/Beta wall calendars, the 5-day Fast Track meal guide, a B-Lines Resistance Band (15 lb.), and Free online support.


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*Results may vary by individual.
FOCUS T25 Workout - NEW Shaun T 25 Minute Workouts focus t25


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Ready for a shock? Turns out longer workouts don’t always deliver better results. In fact, major studies show that the first 30 minutes of exercise can be every bit as effective at burning fat as workouts that are twice as long.

So when you do a FOCUS T25 workout, you can get an hour’s worth of results…but you’ll be getting it done in only 25 minutes—so you stay within that optimal, fat-burning zone.

It’s a full-body workout in 25 minutes. With zero rest. Focus Interval Training works every muscle group in your body—one after the other—then it works it again. It’s short. It’s sweaty. But after 25 minutes, it’s done.

When you’re doing FOCUS T25, every second counts. You’ll focus on one muscle group at a time, sequencing from move to move without any rest. Start with your glutes. Just when you can’t do another rep, you move on to your core. When those muscles are toast, it’s time for biceps. Then quads, lower abs, back, obliques, triceps. With 11 individual workouts, you’ll always be challenged and never get bored like you have with traditional workouts. And don’t worry if you haven’t worked out in years, because FOCUS T25 has a modifier help you reach YOUR FITNESS GOALS.


Are you ready for T25? Ready to take your fitness to the next level? Get ready to push, sweat and give it 100% intensity with Focus T25.

So why is it called Focus T25? Because all you need is 25 minutes a day and 5 days a week to get amazing results. Give it your pure focus and get pure results. The next level of fitness is here with “Focus T25″… 2-5 baby! It’s about time.


FOCUS T25 Workout - NEW Shaun T 25 Minute Workouts T25-15

*Results may vary by individual.

FOCUS T25 Workout - NEW Shaun T 25 Minute Workouts


Focus T25 Review – What Should You Expect?

First of all it was apparent that the Focus T25 workout was fairly easier in comparison with Insanity. Not to mention Insanity Asylum. If not trying to race against the clock and go all out on every set, I was somewhere in my comfort zone.

This meant that business wise, Beachbody decided to target a slightly different demographic – people who wanted results, but were afraid of punishing themselves with insane amount of exercise day after day.

It is really interesting to know that all you have to do today is only 25 minutes of working out. With Insanity, especially the second month videos, it was a constant struggle, knowing that I will be in agony for a whole hour. I learned to love it though, but some people seemed less pleased with that and ended up feeling frustrated, eventually giving up.

Here, in the Focus T25 workout, you have only 25 minutes, and unlike Insanity or Asylum you can do modifications.

Another great thing about the Focus T25 workout is that it can satisfy a larger demographic as well – fitness beginners can easily progress to a rather formidable level, while fitness veterans can also get what they want if they simply push themselves as hard as possible (these exercises are, the majority of them, bodyweight exercises meaning that you use your own body as to supply the resistance. And instead of counting reps, you do as many as you can in 30 seconds or one minute. Here is where those who want a challenge can push themselves- just try to do one more rep every time).


T25-4 FOCUS T25 Workout - NEW Shaun T 25 Minute Workouts*Results may vary by individual.



  • Works for Anyone, at Any Adult Age or Fitness Level
  • Saves Time — Get a Full-Body Workout in 25 Minutes a Day
  • Saves Money — No Gym Memberships or Bulky Equipment
  • RISK-FREE 30-Day Money Back Guarantee (less S&H)
  • Plus FREE Bonus Tools & Gifts When You Order Today


FOCUS T25 Workout - NEW Shaun T 25 Minute Workouts T25-9*Results may vary by individual.


Having this said, the Focus T25 workout is not for everybody. If you decide to do handful of repetitions of one exercise in 30 seconds and expect results I hate to break it to you but it won’t happen.

This requires mental power and willingness to break a sweat. As long as you are sweating and giving your best you are golden.


Focus T25 Nutrition Guide

FOCUS T25 Workout - NEW Shaun T 25 Minute WorkoutsAs with all Beachbody programs, what they try to sell is not a set of exercises, but rather a complete approach towards being healthy and looking and performing great.

Same deal here. In the package you will receive a nutrition guide featuring principles of healthy diet tuned to meet your goals, as well as meal recipes which will help you make better food choices.

The recipes are exactly 25, made with 5 ingredients and in a very short time.

The carbs and protein and fat ratio is similar as with the Insanity program, meaning that roughly 40 percent of your meals are consisted of carbs, the other 40 of protein and the rest are fats.

You are also given the calorie quiz, which helps you determine how many calories per day you should eat. Note that I never counted calories, but simply followed the principles outlined into this book.

What is also great about the Focus T25 nutrition guide is that it lists 25 healthy foods that you should have at home at any time.

There also are three common questions which they address into this nutrition guide, such as: What if I notice food cravings, what if it is really late and I feel like I’m hungry, and what if I want to do a double charged workout in terms of intensity.

Co-editing this site I’ve learned a lot about nutrition myself, but it was still interesting to flip through the nutrition guide.


Where Can You Buy The Focus T25 Workout From?

The official Beachbody page (USA & Canada) or (UK) is where I got my copy from. You have the option to pay via three monthly payments of only $39, which is quite convenient. Buying from there you also get a 30 day money back guarantee.


Final Words From This Focus T25 Review


FOCUS T25 Workout - NEW Shaun T 25 Minute Workouts T25-7*Results may vary by individual.

try T25 it now

I will definitely continue doing the Focus T25 workout since I’m hooked now, and it seems that the results continue to improve. I owe it to Slavko for convincing me to take the challenge.

If I have to describe Focus T25 using a sentence I will probably say that it is a gradual progression that gives you ripped looks and pro level of athleticism for only 25 minutes per day.




No BS. Just results. Plus, everything you need to Get It Done in 25 minutes a day…

With FOCUS T25, you get in, hit it hard, and Get It Done. You’re doing high intensity cardio, strength training and core training. All in just 25 minutes. With zero rest. That’s why we give you all the tools you need to start your transformation right away.

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focus t25 FOCUS T25 Workout - NEW Shaun T 25 Minute Workouts