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Rebuild Hair Program Hair Loss Treatment Women The Rebuild Hair Program Review

Hair loss treatment for men and women the rebuild hair program hair Loss Protocol claims to be the new cure for bald spots and successful program that helps you rebuild hair. It claims to use 100% natural techniques to improve the thickness, fullness, and health of your hair.

It is no news that balding is men and women one of the world’s most embarrassing and frustrating cosmetic problems. The united states Hair Loss Association publish that by the age of 35,  60% of men will have experienced some level of appreciable hair loss. At age of 50, about 85% of men have “appreciable thinning” hair which will required a good rebuild hair program.

A large percentage men and women are also amazed to learn that women are most affected for about 40% of hair loss issues: so this hair loss treatment requirement is largely not completely a male problem.

The question is; will Hair Loss Protocol actually help you restored the complete head of hair you had in your while you quite young?

Let check out what the rebuild hair program by Jerry Williams’  is and how this hair loss treatment for women and women will help in Hair Loss Protocol review.

What Do You Understand by Hair Loss Protocol?

Hair Loss Protocol was created by a guy named Jared Gates. Jared claims that he was able to reclaim his full head of hair after using certain natural techniques.

He collected these natural techniques into an e-book called “The Rebuild Hair Program.” Today, Gates is selling his e-book online.

The e-book is officially called “The Rebuild Hair Program”, although that term is used interchangeably with Hair Loss Protocol to describe the collection of lessons within the e-book.


How Does the Hair Loss Protocol Work?

Gates claims that his techniques are 100% natural and effective. They’re not painful and expensive like hair transplants. Hair transplants are currently the most popular and effective cure for balding.

The Hair Loss Protocol builds its success off one concept: the cause of balding isn’t aging or genetics. Instead, it’s a “bizarre steroid” your body is producing inside of you all the time.

According to Gates, this steroid travels through your bloodstream “like a lethal dose of poison”, putting men at a severe risk for prostate cancer. When this poison reaches your hair follicles, it destroys them at the source, ensuring that they never produce hair again.

That “poison” is DHT. Hair Loss Protocol explains that “virtually all scientists now believe DHT to be the overwhelming cause of all hair loss.”

The Rebuild Hair Program / Hair Loss Protocol works by using natural herbs, foods, and supplements to restrict your body’s production of DHT. I’ll explain more below.

At the official Hair Loss Protocol website, you can see the official pictures of a number of men and women – including Gates himself – who have reportedly experienced success with the Hair Loss Protocol. There are “before” pictures showing large bald spots and “after” pictures showing a full head of healthy hair.


What is DHT?

DHT is the “poison” that the Rebuild Hair Program believes causing balding. DHT stands for dihydrotestosterone. It’s a male sex hormone, or androgen.

Our bodies synthesize DHT from an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase (The Rebuild Hair Program calls this chemical “5AR”). When 5-alpha reductase arrives in the adrenal glands, hair follicles, testes, and prostate, our bodies transform it into DHT.

Our hair follicles and testosterone production are closely linked. The most important part of the hair follicle is the dermal papilla, which is found at the very base of the hair follicle. The dermal papilla has a large number of androgen receptors (males have more receptors than females).

Healthy hair follicles go through a normal cycle of resting and growth. When we’re eating a healthy diet, our growth cycles tend to be longer than the resting cycles, leading to healthy hair growth. This is a must do no matter which supplements or programs you follow, even ones that are all-natural and proven to work like Keranique.
When DHT arrives at the dermal papilla, it inhibits the dermal papilla’s ability to absorb nutrients, which means our hair follicles are spending more time resting than growing.

DHT has been extensively studied over the years. This isn’t some breakthrough treatment or breaking news about balding: as Hair Loss Protocol explains, it’s widely accepted that DHT plays a crucial role in balding.

Higher levels of DHT have been shown to increase your likelihood of balding while also enlarging the prostate. Clearly, these are two things you don’t want.

Does the Rebuild Hair Program Really Inhibit Your Body’s DHT Production?

Hair Loss Protocol / The Rebuild Hair Program claims to inhibit your body’s production of 5-alpha reductase. As we learned in the section above, 5-alpha reductase is used to synthesize DHT in your body.

Hair Loss Protocol claims to do that by using minerals, vegetables, herbs, and vitamins that have been shown to naturally inhibit the body’s 5-alpha reductase production. This is a little different approach to the Restore Lost Hair program by Jerry Williams.

Jared Gates, the guy who wrote the Rebuild Hair Program, claims that he meticulously researched all of these foods and supplements and took notes of which ones were more effective than others.

Eventually, he collected all of these notes into an e-book along with the specific daily recommended amounts and the most effective foods to eat.

Foods that Inhibit DHT Production

The key idea behind The Rebuild Hair Program is that certain foods block the enzyme 5AR, thereby reducing DHT production.

A quick Google search for “foods that inhibit DHT” comes up with some suggested foods. Specifically, phytosterols and biotin both reduce levels of DHT within your system by inhibiting the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. Research by the Linus Pauling Institute and Medline Plus actually suggested that certain foods containing these chemicals could be cures for balding.

Hair Loss Treatment For Men and Women Hair Loss protocol

You can get phytosterols from wheat germ, sesame oil, olive oil, peanuts, almonds, and Brussels sprouts. You can get biotin from egg yolk, whole wheat bread, cheddar cheese, pork, salmon, raspberries, and avocado.

You can expect to see these foods and others in The Rebuild Hair Program.

Balding is a serious problem which afflicts millions of men and women all over the world. Obviously, Hair Loss Protocol isn’t the first cure for balding ever released.

In fact, the Hair Loss Protocol website directly compares itself to other popular cures for balding, including hair transplants and Rogaine.

Rogaine is a topical treatment method which is applied to the head every day. The company claims that results can take up to 4 months to appear. Rogaine costs about $40 per month for treatment, which works out to about $500 per year. However, the worst part about Rogaine is that it rarely works as promised: most users experience some hair regrowth, but it doesn’t look much better than being totally bald.
Hair Loss Treatment For Men and Women Hair Loss protocolRogaine also requires users to continue applying Rogaine for the rest of their lives: otherwise, the hair will fall back out once again.

Hair transplants, on the other hand, are major surgeries. During hair transplant surgery, the surgeon slices off about 4 inches of the scalp before injecting hair grafts into the head. The treatment is painful and expensive, costing around $10,000 in total.

Hair Loss Protocol claims that it has two major advantages over Rogaine, hair transplants, and other cures for balding:

— Hair Loss Protocol is cheaper
Hair Loss Protocol is more effective

However, there’s a third category of balding cures that Jared Gates conveniently forgets to mention: drugs known as 5-alpha reductase inhibitors are commonly sold as cures for balding. The two most popular 5-alpha reductase inhibitors include Dutasteride and Finasteride.

Both of these drugs offer powerful ways to reduce DHT levels in your body, although they can also lead to other side effects. Side effects include a diminished sex drive, male breast cancer risk, and erectile dysfunction. In other words, you’ll feel the effects of lower testosterone.

Anyways, these 5-alpha reductase inhibitors work in a similar way to The Rebuild Hair Program, although they work in a much more powerful way.

Why is The Rebuild Hair Program Being Sold as an E-Book?

One of the first questions people ask about The Rebuild Hair Program is why it’s being sold as a $40 e-book online. Why aren’t doctors recommending this treatment program to people who suffer from balding – or as a way to reduce the risk of prostate cancer?

Hair Loss Treatment For Men and Women Hair Loss protocol

Jared Gates, the creator of Hair Loss Protocol, has thought of a clever rebuttal for this.

Gates actually claims to have met with “the dean of one of the most prestigious medical research universities in the world.” During this meeting, Gates says he presented hundreds of slides about the lessons contained in The Rebuild Hair Program.


Hair Loss Treatment For Men and Women Hair Loss protocol


The dean was impressed. However, the dean said that he would never help Gates publish his work. Why not? Apparently, the dean said that hair loss is a multi-billion dollar industry and low testosterone therapy is a multi-billion dollar industry. He also said that the cancer industry is worth about $250 billion per year.

Apparently, since universities take billions of dollars in donations from the pharmaceutical industry, the dean was unable to publish this. Otherwise, funding for the university’s medical departments would disappear overnight. Jared calls this dean an “idiot academic.”

This seems like an odd thing for a dean to discuss with a guy who just walked in through the door with a cure for balding. But hey, that’s how Gates explains his side of the story.

Buying Hair Loss Protocol Online

There’s only one place to buy the Hair Loss Protocol, hair loss treatment for men  and hair loss treatment for women and that’s at the official Hair Loss Protocol website.

You pay $39 using a secure payment form. That form accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal.

After making your payment, you download the e-book and receive immediate access to the guides, lists, instructions, and other material in The Rebuild Hair Program.

If you’re unsatisfied with The Rebuild Hair Program for any reason, you have 2 months to send an email to Jared Gates himself explaining that you weren’t satisfied

Conclusion: Who Should Take Hair Loss Protocol?

When you get past all the sales hype, you get this: The Rebuild Hair Program / Hair Loss Protocol is a list of foods which have been tentatively linked to reduce levels of DHT within your body. Lowering levels of DHT may be able to reduce your risk of balding and prostate cancer.

Jared Gates, the creator of this program, states that the foods and supplements listed will inhibit DHT production in the body. DHT is widely thought to be the primary cause of balding in men and women.

In The Rebuild Hair Program, you’ll find a step by step guide explaining which foods to take and in which amounts. There’s no scientific evidence stating that these foods reduce your risk of balding.

Like many online Clickbank e-books, however, The Rebuild Hair Program comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. That gives you more than enough time to see if this program works for you.

Hair Loss Treatment For Men and Women Hair Loss protocolAfter so many of our viewers decided to leave comments, it doesn’t seem that many people are trusting the Hair Loss Protocol program. So we wanted give you an alternative option to the Jared Gates’ program and offer to you some of our other reviews that readers are finding helpful for hair loss.

All of these articles should help you reach a better understanding of why you are losing your hair, and potential ways for you to stop and possibly even reverse hair loss as you have learnt about the hair loss treatment for men.

Those that have purchased Hair Loss Protocol do so they have found the program to be helpful. There will always be those who don’t want to believe something. At least with his program, you will have a full 60 days to get your money back. Clickbank has really stepped up over the past two to three years in making sure that customers always get their money back if they so choose. So at least you have that going for you if you do decide to purchase.

So go ahead and purchase best hair loss treatments, or don’t. The choice is always yours. If you do choose to purchase, we hope that you will come back and leave a comment on how the program is going. Or if you decide to read one of the other reviews I just listed, let our other readers know how that has affected you.





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