How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy



How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

After having nourished and protected your baby for 9 months, it is now time to restore your body back to its original shape before pregnancy. The following easy tips will guide you to successfully lose weight after pregnancy without harming your health or the health of your baby, particularly when you are breastfeeding:


1. Check with your doctor first

Make sure you get the all clear before you start any kind of diet and exercise program, especially if you are breastfeeding. How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy, Don’t even think about trying to lose weight until you have that postpartum checkup and you talk to your doctor about the recommended rate for weight loss. You’ll want to be particularly careful if you are breastfeeding because, as a breastfeeding mother, you need about 500 calories more per day. This is not the time for serious calorie restriction.

2. Focus on nutrition and health

Nourish and nurture yourself with fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains and lean protein. Avoid white foods; white sugar, white bread, white noodles, anything made with white flour. Remember to also avoid processed food and sodas. These healthier foods will help you maintain the energy levels you need, as well, to get you through the day and the night.


3. Emphasize fitness

In order to lose weight, you’ll want to incorporate both aerobic exercise, to help you burn your belly fat, as well as resistance exercises so you can build muscle. When you work out, make sure to drink plenty of water, particularly if you are breastfeeding, and make sure you clear your exercise with your physician. Pregnancy can make your joints and pelvic ligaments stretchy and lax, and you don’t want to injure yourself. Post-Baby Weight Loss Tips : Postpartum : Pregnancy – JustMommies

4. Find a “baby boot camp” group near you

Check with your local health club or recreation centre to see if there is a group of new mothers who get together to inspire one another and share the journey of losing weight after pregnancy. Typically, there is a personal trainer in charge who can help you lose weight safely and show you techniques for bringing your baby along during your exercise routine. This usually requires the purchase of a jogging stroller, a purchase that will serve you well for years to come.

5. Start a formal weight loss plan

This plan can include an online component that incorporates tips for new mothers who are trying to lose baby weight. This is a great way to get to know other new moms, as well, while you share tips and tribulations through the post-natal dieting process. Weight Watchers Online is a good paid service that offers online support groups in various categories. SparkPeople is a good free alternative How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy.

6. Start with baby steps and small goals

You don’t want to risk injury while your body has been through a lot. Be nice to it. Keep your expectations realistic. Given that bit of extra weight, and new demands on your time, exercise might not be as easy to schedule as it used to be. How to Lose Weight – Wellness Mama

7. Give yourself deadlines and training programs

How To Lose Weight After PregnancyMaybe you’ll find an athletic fundraiser for a cause that is important to you. Maybe you’ll run a 5 Km fundraiser – or walk a half marathon with a friend. You’ll have a natural deadline that will incur a natural training schedule.

8. Recruit new friends

When you’re home all day with a new baby, time with friends can be hard to come by. Find a friend to walk or run with each day, and, of course, take the baby in the jogging stroller. Alternatively, you can also find a mom friend to trade exercise time with. You can watch her baby while she works out. She can watch your baby while you work out. Then come together for a fruit smoothie and some conversation afterward. How To Weight Loss After Pregnancy – My Health Tips

9. Make sure you truly love the exercises you have chosen

Whether it’s power yoga, a new exercise tape, a jog through the park, or a few miles on the bicycle, you’ll be way more likely to stick with it if you really, truly love it. If you love to read, but, as a mom, you just can’t find the time, download an audiobook and listen while you walk or hike or jog.

 How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy belly-fat10. Find workout tapes for losing weight after pregnancy

These programs are tailored for people who need to strengthen the pelvic floor, lose belly fat and ease back pain, all while paying special attention to your extra stretchy ligaments.

11. Make your workout a part of your regular routine

Chances are, your daily schedule is in a bit of an upheaval. Work your workout into your routine now so it stays a part of your regular day even when your routine starts to settle. Plan for a vigorous workout just 3 or 4 days a week. During the remaining days, keep the routine, but do a slow walk or gentle stretches during that time. Think of it as your time to give back to yourself and your sanity so you don’t burn out by giving so much to your baby and your new role as mom. Fit Pregnancy and Parenting

12. Be patient

Now that you’re a mom, your baby comes first. Your body is an incredible machine that just helped to bring this new being into life. Give your body at least a few months before thi seriously about losing weight. And even once you start a formal program, don’t be hard on yourself. Think of the process of losing weight after pregnancy as a gift you are giving yourself and your body for all the hard work it has done you can also  Learn How To Lose Weight Without Diet or Exercise  How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy