How To Naturally Slow Aging – SHOCKING 86 Years Old Woman Energy


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How To Naturally Slow Aging

You Won’t Expect This 86 Years Old Woman Performing Some Gymnastic Stunts… Yet She Did In Such An Easy Way! I Wish My Grandma Is Like Her!

Instead of lying down on the bed, or sitting on a rocking chair doing some knitting, this old woman German is actively doing some spinning, jumping and twirling – on the parallel bars. This wonder grandma is such a very fantastic gymnast performer since her years.

Last 2012 Cottbus World Cup in Cottbus, Germany, Johanna wowed the audience to her performance. She both performed an exhibition displays on floor and parallel bars. Ow! That would have been too hard for her to maintain that strength yet she’s stronger than I thought. Though she won already 11 medals in senior gymnastic competitions, she currently practices gymnastics “just for fun.”

This 86 Years Old Woman Performing Some Gymnastic Stunts

It should be no surprise that this German octogenarian has a long history of athletic excellence. In 1954, Quaas was a member of the handball team that took the Eastern German Championship, she said.

I wish my grandma is as flexible and strong as her. She is an idol to us all.

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How To Naturally Slow Aging