JOINT RELIEF 911 – Natural Long Term Relief for Joint Discomfort


Natural Dual-Active That Delivers Quick Relief For Pain and Long Term Relief for Joint Discomfort

JOINT RELIEF 911 - Natural Long Term Relief for Joint Discomfort

Joint Relief 911 formula is an astonishing new discovery that’s changed the way we treat throbbing, aching joints and muscles. It’s one of the most stunning new natural ingredients I’ve seen in years.

Joint Relief 911 is a natural nutritional supplement that relieve your short-term and long-term joint pain. Let’s find out if Phytage Labs provides the right choice for you today in our Joint Relief 911 review.

“A Quantum Leap Beyond Glucosamine & Chondroitin!”
For years, glucosamine and chondroitin have helped many people, but they’re yesterday’s news.

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What is Joint Relief 911?

Do you suffer from joint pain? Are you sick of taking prescription medicine or painkillers? Do glucosamine and chondroitin not work for you?

Joint Relief 911 is positioning itself as a great alternative and natural solution to alleviating joint discomfort that is light years ahead of the traditional glucosamine & chondroitin or MSM and DMSO. The supplement claims to use a “natural discovery” that cures your joint pain on a short-term and long-term basis by doing this 10-second trick.

The supplement introduces itself online through a lengthy video and sales page at lead by Dr. Steve Clayman. We’ve sifted through all of that information and looked at the accompanying research to determine whether or not Joint Relief 911 is really the joint pain treatment you need to live a pain-free life.

How Does Joint Relief 911 Work?

Joint Relief 911 claims to use a “natural discovery” to heal your joint pain instantly and over the long-term. That natural discovery consists of an herbal extract called Andrographis paniculata.

The makers of Joint Relief 911 cite a study from the University of Chile where researchers used the herbal extract to stop inflammatory signals sent around the body that cause joint pain. The creators of the maximum-strength Joint Relief 911 also recommend that you switch out conventional joint pain relief supplements – like chondroitin and glucosamine – with this unique new herbal extract because it provides all of the following benefits:

  • Fights inflammation
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Protects your liver
  • Reduces fevers
  • Fights bacterial infections
  • promotes joint mobility & flexibility
  • supports joint strength & lubrication

Oddly enough, the makers of Joint Relief 911 never actually link to that study, nor do they explain if the dosage used in that study is the same dosage used in their formula but do have a list of resources for further reading.

In addition to Andrographis paniculata, Joint Relief 911 contains a dose of hyaluronic acid, an ingredient that’s commonly found in anti-aging supplements and skin creams. In most common joint pain relief supplements, hyaluronic acid is typically used to replenish your synovial fluid levels and doctors will sometimes treat joint pain by injecting hyaluronic acid directly into a patient’s joints.

The makers of Joint Relief 911 claim you can achieve similar benefits simply by ingesting hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid and Andrographis paniculata are the only two listed ingredients in Phytage Labs’ Joint Relief 911.

Unfortunately for consumers, the makers of Joint Relief 911 refuse to tell us the dosage of either ingredient – which could make you suspicious about any of the listed benefits but is rather common online as most manufacturers and creators use the proprietary blend angle.

Dual-Active Ingredients” inside Joint Relief 911:

All we know about Joint Relief 911’s ingredients is that they consist of some dosage of Andrographis paniculata and some dosage of hyaluronic acid. If you combine these two ingredients together, you don’t get a nutritional supplement capsule. You need a delivery system – like a gelatin capsule or veggie capsule.

The fact that Joint Relief 911 refuses to give us the dosage of either ingredient, or its inactive ingredients, is a huge red flag.

Typically, when manufacturers aren’t upfront about their dosage information, it’s because they’re using a weaker dose than recommended.

The problem with Joint Relief 911 is that they cite studies where researchers used a clinical dose. It seems unlikely that clinical dose is the same dose used in Joint Relief 911.

Nevertheless, the makers of Joint Relief 911 frequently toss around marketing terms like “fully optimized dosage” and “highest dosages”.

Joint Relief 911 Cost

PhytAge Laboratories Joint Relief 911 is available online at the following prices:

  • 1 Bottle: $69.95
  • 2 Bottles: $119.90
  • 4 Bottles: $199.80

Based on everything I’ve seen, the new ‘Joint Relief 911’ can give your joints and whole body more blessed relief than you’ve ever seen or felt.
It’s also easy and affordable to “treat” your joints and muscles with this new formula!

One of the best things about the new ‘Joint Relief 911’ is that it’s easy to use. No fumbling around with a dozen bottles of supplements that cost you hundreds of dollars. No hard work. No hassles. No complicated formulas or steps to take.

Plain and simple, it’s the easiest way I know to soothe your joint discomfort, build cartilage and put an end to your everyday pain and stiffness.

All purchases come with a 90 day refund policy. The prices above include shipping to US addresses. You’ll also be asked if you want to join an autoship program called the “VIP Membership Club”, in which case you’ll get a 10% discount and receive monthly shipments of Joint Relief 911.

Please note that the Joint Relief 911 supplement uses these tactics because they have “a limited supply” in stock (which may or may not be true) but is common in most sales presentations. Likely, the message will always posted on the Joint Pain Relief 9-1-1 website and will never run out of stock – so don’t be intimidated into making a rushed purchasing decision but at the same time could effect the turnaround time of your order.

Who Makes Joint Relief 911?

Joint Relief 911 is made by a company named PhytAge Laboratories. That company lists two addresses: one address in Colorado is its return address, and another address in New York is its mailing address:

Mailing Address:

1732 1st Avenue #28568
New York, NY 10128

Returns Address:

PhytAge Laboratories
7308 South Alton Way 2A
Centennial, CO 80112

Should You Try Phytage Labs Joint Relief 911?

Joint Relief 911 appears to be a natural joint pain relief solution that is backed by a credible presentation and offer. The supplement does make enormous claims about how it’s going to cure your short-term and long-term joint pain without shedding much light on your diet and exercise routines factoring into the equation.

Do you want to feel great both mentally and physically because you took the necessary steps to really look after your joints and give them exactly what they need?
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It’s time to trigger a whole different chain reaction in your life — one of relief, rejuvenation, and freedom. Relief from the painful aches, irritation and sore joints that hurt every time you move.

If you want to go cheap, you certainly can find many different options at a fraction of the price. But Joint Relief 911 is taking the position as the high roller in the natural joint pain relief solution space and wants to make it known they are the go-to supplement for chronic pain.

Bottom line, dealing and living with pain is not for the faint of heart. If Dr. Steve Clayman, Phytage Labs, and Joint Relief 911 say they are the top-shelf supplement to try for healthy joint pain relief, then it may be worth it if nothing else has worked in the past.

Kindly let us know your feedback below if you have tried the product or contacted the company regarding questions or concerns you have.