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Kinobody Review –  Kinobody Muscle Building Course Review –  Warrior Shredding Program, Is It Right For You?

Kinobody Bodyweight Mastery Program Review

Kinobody is a series of fitness training workouts that promise to help anyone achieve the body of a “Greek God”. Here’s our review of Greg O’Gallagher’s Kinobody programs.

For all the guys who think they are doing everything right (but getting all the wrong results) Greg claims that the Greek God program is the answer they have been looking for and it will give them results quickly and with less effort.

But will it? Let’s take a look at what you get with this Kinobody program.


What is Kinobody?

Kinobody is a series of exercise programs available online. The programs were created by Greg O’Gallagher. They include eBooks like Aggressive Fat Loss 2.0 and the Bodyweight Mastery Program. One of the most popular programs is the Kinobody Shredding Program.

By following the lessons provided in Kinobody, you can get a “Kinobody physique” like a “Greek God” – according to the makers of the programs.

The programs are targeted towards both men and women. They all follow a similar theme where they claim to throw conventional fitness and dieting wisdom out the window, replacing this conventional wisdom instead with Greg’s own thoughts and strategies.

One core concept in all of Greg’s programs is that you only need three workouts per week to gain the ultimate physique. You also don’t need to implement cardio. And, you can continue eating whatever you like.

Does that sound too good to be true? Let’s take a closer look at each of the Kinobody training programs.


Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss Review –  Video

What is the Kinobody Warrior Shredding Program?

The Warrior Shredding Program is one of the core products sold by Greg O’Gallagher online. The program comes in the form of a 74 page downloadable eBook. It promises to teach you how to build a “lean and chiseled physique.”

Over the course of the 74 page PDF file, you’ll learn how to build muscle to get that desirable “V shape” and chiseled appearance. Greg teaches you how to automatically train your body so that it burns fat and muscle at a rate faster than normal.

In addition to the eBook, Greg includes various training videos that show you exactly how to do the workouts. All of the workouts feature Greg himself leading the way.

Basically, you pay $39 for a 74 page PDF file that teaches you how to implement various fitness tips today to start streamlining your physique. Although Greg doesn’t provide any evidence showing that it works as advertised, his body is good evidence: Greg is always in really good shape. Greg claims he’s used the workouts himself over the years and based all the lessons on his personal experience.

All purchases of the Warrior Shredding Program come with a 60 day money back guarantee.


What is the Bodyweight Mastery Programs?

The Bodyweight Mastery Program, similar to the Warrior Shredding program, promises to teach you how to grab a hold of your body weight and sculpt it however you like. Using the techniques inside, you can “Build the chiseled and aesthetic Kinobody physique.”

Just like with some of Greg’s other programs, the Bodyweight Mastery Program claims to do things differently than the conventional wisdom in the nutritional and fitness communities. He claims that “pretty much everyone” has this whole fitness thing wrong.

With that in mind, Kinobody’s Bodyweight Mastery Program promises to give you a lean, ripped physique with just three days of training per week, no cardio, and no dieting. You can eat the foods you want and still get ripped.

The secret, as you may have guessed, is bodyweight training. Bodyweight training refers to exercises you perform where you use your own bodyweight for resistance. It lets you work out wherever and whenever you want.

Mastering bodyweight movements is the key to reducing injury and promoting natural-looking muscle growth throughout the body. Good bodyweight workouts will help tone and train multiple parts of your physique.

With that in mind, Bodyweight Mastery Program teaches you an 8-phase bodyweight-based workout program designed to give you that desirable V-shaped physique, including a square chest, well-developed shoulders, wide back, slim waist, chiseled abs, and lean, defined legs. There’s the main eBook (in PDF format) as well as 10 full workout training videos included with the program.

The Bodyweight Mastery Program is priced at $39. It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.


What is Aggressive Fat Loss 2.0?

Aggressive Fat Loss 2.0 claims to be the “ultimate strategy for leaning down quickly.” The program teaches you tips, tricks, and hacks that reprogram your body for fat loss.

If you’ve ever felt like you work out, eat right, but still don’t lose weight, then Aggressive Fat Loss 2.0 is targeted towards you. Greg promises to teach you how to activate a fat burning switch in your body to help you lose weight.

The core of the program is found in the main PDF manual. However, there’s also an audio companion of MP3 files that you can listen to while you work out. And there’s a cheat sheet that helps you plan your meals. By following all of this material, you can throw conventional dieting wisdom out the window and cut down your body fat percentage.


What is the Greek God Muscle Building Program?

Want to have a body like a Greek god and watch women drool over you? Greg wants to help you achieve those goals with Kinobody’s Greek God Muscle Building Program.

Just like with Greg’s other programs, he emphasizes three good workouts per week while eating the foods you want to eat.

Some of the things you’ll learn in the program include:

— 4 essential lifts for building rock-solid muscle

— 10 assistance exercises that develop your lagging muscles and help you break through strength plateaus

— How to maximize your lifting protocol to build dense, rock-hard muscle

— How to incorporate specialized training routines to accelerate muscle growth on specific parts of your body

The program is priced at $47, and, like all of Greg’s training programs, comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.


The Goddess Toning Program

So far, most of the Kinobody training programs listed above are catered towards men. The Goddess Training Program is the first that caters specifically towards women. It promises to burn fat, tone muscle, and give you the Hollywood body you’ve always wanted.

It throws conventional female training wisdom out the window (obviously, this is a theme in all Kinobody programs): Greg claims that women don’t have to do cardio 5 times a week to drop weight, nor do they have to eat 5 to 6 small meals per day. Instead, they can become a fat burning furnace by implementing some simple tips into their everyday workouts.

The program consists of the main PDF eBook as well as exercise routine videos. Greg has teamed up with Dell Farrell to create the program.

The Goddess Toning Program is priced at $47 and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.


Who is Greg O’Gallagher?

Greg is a bodybuilder who claims he knew he wanted “to build a downright incredible physique” at the age of just 6 years old. Over the past few years, he’s smashed all his fitness goals to shreds while also helping men and women smash their fitness goals.

One thing Greg believes is that you can achieve excellent fitness results by training only three days a week, skipping on cardio completely, and eating the foods you love every single day.

Kinobody Bodyweight Mastery Program ReviewGreg also runs a podcast called Road to Ripped, which he claims has over 1 million downloads and 100,000+ new downloads every month.

One constant theme across all of Greg’s workouts is that he claims to do things much differently than the status quo. In Greg’s point of view, the “status quo” includes fitness trainers and dieticians who recommend eating 5 to 6 small meals per day, going to the gym 4 to 5 times per week, and focusing on weight training mixed with cardio.

Greg’s workouts, on the other hand, emphasize three training sessions per week without cardio and without strict dieting:

“You can achieve the best results possible training only three days per week, skipping on cardio completely; all while eating the foods you love every single day to absolute satisfaction.”

Greg started Kinobody at age 19. He currently lives in Los Angeles. He maintains an active presence on Instagram and Snapchat, where he’s frequently seen sharing success stories from people who have implemented his workout advice.

Greg’s company, Kinobody Fitness Systems, Inc. lists the following address:

1227 S. Patrick Dr #115
Satellite Beach, FL 32937


Should You Follow Kinobody Workout Program’s to Build your Dream Physique?

The biggest evidence behind Kinobody is that Greg is in awesome shape himself. That’s a good and bad thing. On the positive side, it means that Greg has clearly followed some fitness principles to get where he is today.

On the negative side, we don’t have a lot of scientific evidence supporting Greg’s workout programs – it’s all just anecdotal evidence from Greg himself and others – like the men and women he frequently posts about on Instagram and other social media.

It’s also important to note that Greg does not claim to have any education, professional experience, or certifications in the diet and fitness industry. You’re basically just paying to get some guy’s thoughts on how to get ripped.

The programs are also relatively expensive for what you get. Most workouts include a small PDF manual along with a series of short workout videos – but they’re priced around $40 to $50. It’s all a digital product, so there are limited distribution costs involved. After making your purchase online, Greg emails the content directly to you.

Fortunately, none of these problems matter too much because all workout programs come with a generous 60 day money back guarantee. so there’s nothing stopping you from buying the program, trying it for yourself, and returning it when you find it doesn’t work or you don’t like it.