Kite Mosquito Patch – Natural Mosquito Repellent & Outdoor Insect Shield?



Kite Mosquito Patch

Kite Mosquito Patch review – Heading outside into the great outdoors, whether for camping, hiking, or even just enjoying an evening walk is an enjoyable experience that is easily disrupted by a small, insidious pest- mosquitoes. Perhaps the most irritating of all small flying insects, mosquitoes are found it virtually every country in the world in more than 41 different highly annoying strains.

Mosquitoes, as we all know, are parasites, biting mammals in order to consume their blood. The saliva of all mosquito strains contains an irritant that causes an itchy and sometimes painful rash.

Mosquito repellent techniques have been developed in almost every country of the world in a wide range of forms. There are many plant oils and extracts that are used to repel mosquitoes, such as citrus or peppermint essential oils. Practitioners of ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine even went to far as to smear their skin with cow dung to keep mosquitoes away.

Fortunately, modern technological advancements have given us the ability to create new techniques for repelling mosquitoes that don’t involve taking a bath in bovine excreta. There are a wide range of insect repellent sprays, creams, lotions, and even candles that are able to keep pesky bloodsucking critters away from our apparently delicious blood.

Not all mosquito repellents are equal, however. The ingredients that make some of the most popular mosquito repellents unappealing to mosquitoes are similarly unhealthy for humans, and, despite a large body of scientific evidence recommending the public avoid them, are still sold in vast amounts. A new breed of mosquito repellent, however, is providing consumers with a highly effective chemical free solution for keeping mosquitoes at bay.

Mosquito Go Patch – Safe Natural Insect Repellent Patch

Kite Mosquito Patch is a new natural insect repellent company that has released a unique poison and toxin free mosquito repellent that is replacing the outdated and dangerous solutions that are commonly available on the market today.

In this Kite Mosquito Patch article, we’ll take a look at Kite and find out what makes them different from the other mosquito repellent solutions on the market to help you decide whether switching to natural pest repellents is the best choice for your health and that of your family.

What is Kite Mosquito Patch?

Kite Mosquito Patch is a new natural mosquito repellent manufacturer that is shaking up the insect repellent industry. Working from a product design philosophy that is built around providing products that actively improve lives through continuous improvement and refinement, Kite consists of an international team of experts in a wide variety of fields. The Kite Patch team, which includes etymologists, chemists, and entrepreneurs, have joined together to create a completely natural poison free mosquito repellent.

The original Kite product was launched on popular crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, raising more than $500,000 USD to create a unique and innovative mosquito repellent that leverages unique technology that confuses the sensory organs of mosquitoes, rendering humans invisible to them.

The successful crowdfunding campaign was supported by rounds of investor funding from ieCrowd, and now the Kite platform is working with NGOs around the world to bring their unique healthy mosquito repellent to developing nations.

The core product that drives the Kite platform is the culmination of years of intensive research that has led to the discovery of a new method of repelling mosquitoes that involves no chemicals. Through the use of a botanical ingredient, Kite mosquito repellent is able to interfere with the way mosquitoes sense the carbon dioxide that is emitted by humans during the respiratory process, which is how they identify food sources.

Mosquito Go Patch – Safe Natural Insect Repellent Patch


Kite Mosquito Patch Shield

Kite Mosquito Patch Shield is the first product released by Kite, and is now commercially available via a wide range of retailers, including Amazon. Offering a DEET-free, chemical free mosquito repelling solution that doesn’t use any poisons or toxins to keep mosquitoes away, Kite Shield is one of the top selling insect repellents on the market.

The Kite Mosquito Patch Shield formula delivers 4 hours of active use from one application, and is supported by third-party data validation that proves the efficacy of the product. Interestingly, the Kite Shield formula isn’t registered under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, as it’s completely botanical in nature- it actually qualifies for an exemption under the FIFRA.

The Kite Shield formula has been tested and approved by dermatologists, and is actually far cheaper than most of the chemical mosquito repellents on the market. Individuals using Kite Shield are rendered essentially invisible to mosquitoes, as they can’t sense where the users actually are.

Kite Patch

Kite Mosquito Patch is another innovative product that is currently under development by the Kite team. Currently backed by over 11,000 funders to the tune of over $557,000 USD, the Kite Patch is currently being developed as a lightweight, durable patch that can be used in combination with the Kite Shield repellent.

The Kite Patch, when released, will consist of a small red square roughly ¼ of the size of a credit card that, like the Kite Shield solution, is free from DEET and other synthetic repellent chemicals.

The Kite Patch Difference

The primary advantage of Kite is that their solutions are completely free from DEET, or N, N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide. This dangerous chemical is the most commonly used insect repellent, but has been conclusively proven to cause rashes, skin irritation, nausea, dizziness, headaches, and difficulty concentrating.

A clinical investigation performed by Duke University found that DEET even cases apoptosis, or cell death, in brain tissue, creating serious changes to behaviour when used frequently. Despite the ubiquity of DEET in the insect repellent industry, it’s clear that it’s incredibly hazardous, and should be avoided.

Kite Mosquito Patch Verdict

Kite offer the only clinically and scientifically proven mosquito repellent solution on the market that doesn’t use DEET or another form of dangerous chemical repellent. Backed up by third-party data analysis, Kite are upfront and honest about the efficacy of their product, and, most importantly, offer it at a lower price than most of the chemical repellents that are available on the market.

If you’re at all concerned about your long term health or that of your family, switching to Kite as an everyday mosquito repellent is one of the best choices you can make.

Mosquito Go Patch – Safe Natural Insect Repellent Patch