New Study Reveals Most Effective Diet Plans You Must Know




Diet plans are the go-to method for many people when they try to lose weight, especially in the run up to bikini season, but do they really work? Well, a new study has reviewed 11 commercial weight loss programs to review how effective they really are.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University looked at 4,200 studies and found that only a few diet plans actually help people lose more weight than they would have if they’d attempted to shift the lbs solo.

So, what we really want to know is which diet plans are worth the time and money, right? Well, it was Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig that came out on top for long-term weight loss with followers of these diet plans losing on average 15 and eight pounds after one year respectively.

Another diet plan that seems promising is NutriSystem, with followers of this losing more weight over three months than if they had gone it alone with just some nutritional couselling. Though no longer-term trials could be found.

Researchers also stated that the Atkins-approach ‘appears promising’ for long-term weight loss.

Here’s a little rundown of the most effective diet plans, as found by the researchers at John Hopkins University:

Weight Watchers
This is a calorie-controlled diet, which gives different types of food a points value depending on its protein, carbohydrate, fat and fibre. People following the diet have a daily point limit which they’re not allowed to exceed.

Jenny Craig
This diet plan provides portion-controlled pre-made meals, which people are allowed to supplement with vegetables, low-fat dairy and wholegrains.

A 28-day meal plan is devised for the dieter’s particular preferences and metabolism and delivered to their door.

Atkins diet
This is all about laying off carbs and increasing intake of fat and protein. It’s designed to make the body burn fat. The idea is that the dieter is supposed to be able to lose weight without feeling hungry.