ONNIT ALPHA BRAIN REVIEWS – Ingredients, Side Effects, Does It Works?


Alpha Brain Review – Ingredients, Onnit Alpha Brain Side Effects


In the Hollywood thriller ‘Limitless’, Bradley Cooper plays a struggling writer who is introduced to a nootropic drug that allows him to unlock the full potential of his brain and completely transform his life.

In what can be termed as a classic reel to real case, the Silicon Valley is being swept by a nootropic wave as entrepreneurs, including the famous Dave Asprey, are popping these supplements by the dozen, hoping to biohack their own brains. And apparently, the benefits are there for all to see.

Before you go hunting for nootropic supplements and get lost in the labyrinth that the world of online supplements can be, let me introduce you to one of the most popular nootropic supplements that is being used by the who’s who of Silicon Valley, Alpha Brain.


What is Alpha Brain?

Have you woken up on days feeling that something is amiss or feeling like your brain is fogged?
Days when you just cannot concentrate or finish a chore that wouldn’t even take a couple of hours on other days?

How many times have you tried to remember something and drawn a blank?

It might be a phone number or a person’s name that you always knew. But suddenly, your brain decides to shut that information in some remote secret cave that you do not have access to.

These are telltale signs of cognitive aging, an inevitable progressive process where our brain undergoes several changes as the body ages.

The only difference is that due to the extremely stressful work environment that we are subject to, our brains are aging faster than our bodies. And the result is cognitive decline:

Memory loss, inability to focus, diminished processing speed, slow reaction to stimulus, delayed reasoning and many more things that can start to affect your performance in your professional and personal life.


Alpha Brain is an herbal nootropic supplement by Onnit Supplements that restores the functioning of our brain and prevents cognitive deterioration. It is a blend of bioactive compounds that have been extracted from selected earth grown herbs, with clinical studies that prove their effectiveness in helping boost brain function.


Onnit Alpha BRAIN – Nootropics : The Clinical Study – VIDEO

*results varies by individual
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Will Onnit Alpha brain help you?

Onnit Alpha brain will start to take effect from the first time you take it. The herbal extracts will directly stimulate neurotransmitters that in turn, enhance the functioning of your brain giving it a tremendous boost.

The difference will be immediate and it will be phenomenal.

  • You will be able to think clearly
  • Your short term and long memory or recall ability will improve
  • Words, names, numbers that seemed impossible to memorize or recollect will come to you in a flash
  • You will be able to focus clearly on the task at hand without getting distracted
  • It will stimulate alpha brain waves which boost creativity and productivity
  • You will get clear, uninterrupted restful sleep that will wake you up feeling refreshed
  • You will be able to induce lucid dreams, a state which allows you to control what you dream and how the dream shapes up


Who uses Alpha Brain?

Alpha Brain has been focused in multiple media publications, television programs and documentaries. It has been the subject of multiple clinical trials which have yielded positive results. Due to the discreet nature of the online world, it is impossible to know who orders or uses Alpha Brain. But many athletes, celebrities, fitness trainers and entrepreneurs cannot seem to live a day without it.

It is estimated that more than 40,000,000 pills have been sold so far.

A lot of people have been happy to endorse it publicly. You can find their names on the official website over here

But just because it is an herbal supplement that claims to improve your cognitive function, one can’t help wonder if there is a catch. Are there any side effects? Will this be addictive or cause dependency?




What is inside the pill?

A lot of people wonder about alpha brain side effects. What makes it a completely safe nootropic is that all of the ingredients in the supplement are well documented and researched.

There is no mystery ingredient that no one knows about. It’s all there in the public domain with clinical studies to support the use. And as of now, no long term side effects have been associated with any of these ingredients.

While the entire blend has more than 15 ingredients, these are the ones that you must know about.

Bacopa Monnieri: Also known as Brahmi, this is an herb that has been used since centuries in traditional medicine for its ability to boost memory and prevent cognitive decline.

Cat’s Claw: Also known as the Rainforest Super herb, it is loaded with antioxidants and immunity boosters. Purpoted benefits include preventing free radical damage in the body, anti-aging with reduction in inflammation, joint pain and overall health.

Huperzia Serrata: Commonly known by its name Northern Fir moss, this increases the availability of acetylcholine, a powerful neurotransmitter for the brain.

Concentrated Oat Straw: Clinically proven to reduce neurological stress and anxiety and boost cognitive function. (1)


The Alpha Brain advantage

It is predicted that Smart drugs or Nootropic supplements are set to become commonplace like coffee.

The advantages are so immense that it would be foolish not to include it in your everyday life. Irrespective of whether you are a student looking for a short term memory boost or an entrepreneur looking for razor sharp focus or an athlete looking to reduce stress, Alpha Brain should be in your arsenal.

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How To Buy Onnit Alpha Brain

After this detailed Onnit Alpha Brain review, this must have help you to understand everything about this brain boosting supplements and how Alpha Brain works, the ingredients, the recommended dosage, as well as its great brain boost benefits.

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