SYNAGEN IQ Reviews – Potent Nootropic Cognitive Enhancer Core Focus?


Synagen IQ – Advanced Cognitive Enhancer Core Focus ingredients?


Synagen IQ is a cognitive that is natural that’s claimed to guide brief and long haul memory, boost energy, enhance cognitive overall performance, “synergize the human brain,” allow you to attain clarity while focusing, increase your focus and inspiration, and also boost your all around health and health.

The brain begins to lose sharpness of memory from as early as 30 *

Common foods we eat every day can deplete our brain capabilities *

If you do not follow a strict brain diet or take a daily enhancer such as Synagen IQ, your brain will begin to decline in performance, causing you to rapidly lose memory and focus as you age *

Fueling your brain with the all natural ingredients found in Synagen IQ is the safest and fastest way to increase your daily energy levels *


Most people start to notice loss of “brain power” of “cognitive performance from as early as 30

We lose as much as 60% of our mental focus from ages 25 to 70. But what can be done to stop this decline in performance?

While modern athletes consume protein powders and hormones to accelerate their training and elevate their game-time performance, there are also options for enhancing your mental functions as well – Nootropics

Nootropics describe a broad classification of drugs or compounds with cognitive enhancing properties with minimal side-effects appropriate for long-term use — the scientific name for “smart drugs.”

SYNAGEN IQ is a potent Nootropic with an advanced cognitive formula made with all natural ingredients to fuel your brain. It is a safe and fast way to increase your daily energy levels.

What is Synagen IQ Core Focus?

Synagen IQ Core Focus is a nootropic brain boosting supplement intended to raise your focus, memory, and energy. The supplement is targeted towards people over the age of 30 who have started to notice loss of brain power.

As the brain ages, our brain power naturally declines. The creators of Synagen IQ claim that some of the symptoms of this include:

► Restore Memory Loss
► Help Difficulty Concentrating
► Help Lack Of Focus And Motivation
► Forgetting Things Like Your Keys Or Your Wallet

If you’ve been experiencing these symptoms, then Synagen IQ claims to be the supplement for you.

Synagen IQ Benefits

► The Synagen IQ is 100% natural
► It does not have dangerous side effects.
► It has a 30-day money refund guarantee.
► Price discounts are offered on bulk orders.
► Synagen IQ supports overall brain performance.
► It enhances the IQ level.
► It improves the cognitive ability, mood and confidence.
► It helps treat age related memory loss.

There are so many credible customer reviews about Synagen IQ available online. The overall verdict seems to be that it is a highly effective supplement that delivers on its claims and is definitely worth the try.

The product have been featured in major media publications like the Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, and USA Today.

The supplement is sold by an American company based in Las Vegas, Colorado. The company has a very shady history (more on that below).




How Does Synagen IQ Work?

Synagen IQ works by increasing neurotransmitter production in the brain. Neurotransmitters are brain chemicals that relay messages to and from the brain. By increasing the amount of neurotransmitters in your brain, your brain is able to function more efficiently than it previously would.

Another benefit to taking Synagen IQ is that it provides neuro-protection – which means it literally protects the brain. On a daily basis, our organs are exposed to numerous toxins and oxidants, which damage organ tissue and slow down our internal body processes.

It also works to repair tissue and prevents oxidative damage to the brain – which is how it can stop and potentially reverse the effects of cognitive decline.

Finally, this product increases glucose uptake in the brain, which restores energy levels and enables you to focus and concentrate on the most important tasks for long periods of time.

Synagen IQ will make your brain stronger by mainly focusing on improving four different areas that all together will give you a better brain capacity and cognitive function.

Get a Better Focus

When you start with Synagen IQ, you will get a better focus and be able to stay concentrated for a longer period. I is especially beneficial if you have difficult working tasks to do or if you have a big test ahead of you.

Enhance Your Clarity

Synagen will optimize the communication between your neurons and maximizing the movement of your neurotransmitter to different areas in your brain. It is an optimization that will improve clarity and get rid of brain fog.

Get More Brain Energy

Your brain function is not only about the ability to stay focused and being able to remember. Energy levels are also an important aspect when we are talking about the health condition of your brain, just like the rest of your body.

Ingredients will boost the energy levels of your mind, so you will not feel any fatigue during periods of being busy.

Get More Brain Power

You can have all the focus and ready for a particular task that you need to solve. If you do not have the brain power to solve it, these two above benefits are not going to help you.

Synagen IQ will give you the specially selected combination of ingredients that will boost your brain’s power levels.

Synagen IQ Ingredients

With Synagen IQ, you will get a couple of ingredients that will help you to improve all aspects of your brain health. Not only will you be able to improve your cognitive, but you will also experience an increase your memory function, learning ability, focus as well as concentration.

Let’s take a closer look at the Synagen IQ ingredients you will get.

Alpha GPC (αGPC, choline also cerate)

Acetylcholine is one of the most important neurotransmitters in your brain. It will improve your ability to learn, remember and stay focused. Low levels of acetylcholine will lead to memory loss and decreased capacity to learn. Less acetylcholine will also result in various age-related disorders you may experience later on in life.

Alpha GPC will increase your levels of acetylcholine, and that way improve your memory function, learning ability, focus, and concentration. Alpha GPC will also improve the function of the neurotransmitters in your brain; Synagen IQ and Alpha GPC will give your brain function a real boost.

Huperzine A

Huperzine A is a brilliant ingredient to combine with Alpha GPC because it will break down the enzyme acetylcholinesterase. This enzyme’s primary function is to destroy your levels of the essential neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

Also, your brains other neurotransmitters will benefit from the presence of Huperzine A


When you need to get better-thinking skills and the ability to find quick solutions to difficult questions, Vinpocetine that comes with Synagen IQ is the ingredient to get.

Vinpocetine will improve your blood flow in the brain and at the same time give you a better distribution of energy in your brain. It will make your brain capable of working faster and provide you with a quick solution.


When you want to optimize your brain function, then you need to maximize the presence of your neurotransmitters. They are the ones that do all the dirty work and are responsible for the overall health, memory and learning function.

When you want to use this nootropic it is important that you will be able to increase the production of neurotransmitters in your brain, else it will not be that power.

It is why L-Tyrosine has been added. As an extra benefit, it will also improve your brain’s performance and alertness.

L-Tyrosine exists in your diet as well because it is a part of the protein chain. But to get all the benefits to your brain will need it in a higher dosage than your regular diet can provide you with, this is where Synagen IQ comes into play.

Bacopa Monnieri

This ingredient will make it easier for you stay focused and maintain concentration for a longer period. It is very helpful if you are working with complicated projects or a longer period of times or if you have some severe tests coming.

Bacopa Monnier will also reduce your stress levels and lower anxiety in case you are sitting in some risky jobs.


You probably already know the feeling of getting some very exciting news that makes it tough to stay focused for the rest of the day. An ingredient like GABA can help you with that. When you get GABA with Synagen IQ will help you to lose any over-excitement you may experience.

GABA is a so-called inhibitory neurotransmitter that works by limiting the neurotransmitters causing the over-excitement.

GABA can also be very helpful in professional sports where you are in a situation where you need to stay focused and calm to win.

Any Synagen IQ Side Effects?

Overall, Synagen IQ is safe to use. It will give you all natural ingredients carefully selected for a facility in the United States. However, you should be a little precautious when using Nootropics like Synagen IQ because we still do not know the long-term effects of using them.

Remember, have a talk with your doctor before you start using Nootropics.

Our Synagen IQ Review

What I like most about this nootropic are the ingredients you will get with this supplement. Some of them are being sold as stand-alone prescription drugs in Europe to treat different issues like Alzheimer.

So when you compare the ingredients with that you can get some great savings on buying Synagen IQ in bulk I would say that this is a pretty good deal to get.

Whether the ingredients that you will get with this nootropic is powerful enough for you to make a difference is a real question. Synagen IQ the prescription drug Adderall, but an all natural alternative, that at least will provide your brain with some good vitamins it will need to maintain healthily.

Is Synagen IQ one of The Best Brain Health Supplements Available?

When it comes to the category all natural nootropics, you will get some pretty decent ingredients, which could give it a high rate. But prescription drugs like Adderal will probably be more useful, but also give you more side effects.

If you are just starting out with realistic expectations, Synagen IQ is a great place to start.

Overall in our Synagen IQ reviews, we are positive because the ingredients are not taken out of the blue.

Where and How to Buy Synagen IQ

If you want Synagen IQ cheap, the best you can do is to use the link below. It will direct you to a special page where you can get a Synagen IQ Free trial Bottle. During the trial period, you can decide if you like Synagen IQ or not. Remember you can cancel anytime, just contact the official Synagen IQ vendor.

This approach, also means that your supplement you 100% genuine. Dealing with the manufacturer will also give you access to a more qualified customer support compared to 3rd parties sellers, in case you need it.

To get started click here, or follow the link at the bottom of this page.

Synagen IQ CNN, Stephen Hawking, and Anderson Cooper?

Currently, there are a couple of nootropics claiming that they have been featured on CNN by Anderson Cooper. Or have been recommended by Stephen Hawking. Bill Gates, and Donald Trump!

These claims are not accurate, and they destroy some of the good reputations that nootropics do carry. It is sad to call nootropics like Synagen IQ a scam because of these marketing claims.

When nootropics are featured in the media, it is usually as a general supplement or opportunity to get more brain power.

Remember, nootropics helps you to maintain and improve brain health. They are not going to give you super powers.




Where and How to Buy Synagen IQ

Synagen IQ is currently not available in any store. You cannot buy it in Walmart, GNC. At Amazon, you cannot be sure it is the real deal you are getting since a lot of fakes are to be sold online. Besides that, no one will be able to give as good customer service as the makers of Synagen IQ.

If you want to buy Synagen IQ, your best option is to get it straight from the official manufacturer. It is also your guarantee that the nootropic supplement you are getting is genuine and real.

How to Use Synagen IQ Core Focus

The creators of Synagen IQ Core Focus recommend that you take one capsule daily for best results.

They recommend taking one pill every morning before or after breakfast.

How to Buy Synagen IQ Core Focus

Synagen IQ Core Focus is only available online at the Official Synagen-IQ-website.

The company said that due to recent demand, supplies are extremely limited – although we didn’t have any trouble ordering even the largest packages. Here’s how much you can expect to pay with each order of Synagen IQ Core Focus:

— 1 Bottle (FREE Trial Bottle): $4.95 S&H 15 Day Trial
— 1 Bottle (30 Capsules): $49.99 + Free Shipping
— 3 Bottles (90 Capsules): $113.97 + Free Shipping
— 5 Bottles (150 Capsules): $149.95 + Free Shipping

Each bottle is a one month supply. You can also pay an extra $6.99 for the “Expedited Shipping Add-On”.

You can pay by VISA and MasterCard through the secure online form.

Synagen IQ Free Trial

Synagen IQ is currently available as a Free Trial at the official website. Why not give it a try and feel the benefits on yourself before buying Synagen IQ?

You can learn a lot more about Synagen IQ and how to get a free trial. Just click on the link below.

Synagen IQ is a new supplement that has become almost impossible to find due to it’s superior cognitive thinking properties. Synagen IQ is known as a potent Nootropic which is considered a “Smart Supplement“*

Nootropics by definition improve mental functions such as cognition, memory, intelligence, motivation, attention, and concentration by boosting your overall brain health.*






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