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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills In The News


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns for Season 6 with jaw-dropping bling, wild fun, shocking drama, and a few surprises along the way as Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Yolanda Foster, Lisa Rinna, and Eileen Davidson are joined by new housewives Erika Girardi and Kathryn Edwards. A friend of Yolanda’s, Erika Girardi is a blonde bombshell married to one of the highest-powered, top-earning lawyers in the United States, who happens to be 32 years her senior.


Erika leads a rich paradox of a double life, overseeing a breathtaking estate by day and performing as an over-the-top, hit-making, sexy star named Erika Jayne by night. New Housewife Kathryn Edwards knew Lisa Rinna 20 years ago when they were both starting to make waves in the LA scene. Now married without children to retired football player, Donnie Edwards, who is nine years her junior, the pair leads an enviably stress-free life of fun and excitement, splitting their time between Brentwood and San Diego.

This season, Yolanda’s struggle with Lyme disease continues as she goes to extremes in search of a cure, which leads the other women to question her actions. Longtime friends, Lisa Vanderpump and Lisa Rinna, are also in the crossfire as gossip and secrets erupt into a deeply personal conflict between the two.  New to the group, Kathryn tries to befriend Erika, but they quickly become embroiled in their own drama and sparks fly when they start speaking the truth.


Kyle is just trying to keep her head above water while expanding her store, maintaining friendships with the women and dealing with unexpected personal matters. Reeling from the recent death of her father-in-law, Eileen seeks a much needed apology after questions and details about her marriage arise from another housewife. Whether driving Ferraris in Italy, staying at a glorious house in the Hamptons or receiving VIP treatment at the world’s tallest building in Dubai, nothing will keep the Beverly Hills housewives from shedding tears and hurling accusations while still keeping up impeccable appearances.


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Week 4 Summary

We start with Lisa Vanderpump, who abandoned a little pony for having a bad leg, but has now bought two. The proclaimed animal lover didn’t want the less than perfect animal, and so now has two worthy animals. Bless her. LVP is a nasty woman. She started off great, but has changed with fame. Interesting she is married to a dinosaur with wonky hips, but can’t love a horse with a bad leg.

Cut to Erika, she is married to man who is 76 years old. I happen to know a little bit about her husband and happen to think he is fascinating. Even though he is older than Ken, I think of him more as a valuable antique than a dinosaur. Unfair and hypocritical? Perhaps. My blog, my opinion. Erika is interesting and while I don’t really get her, I like her. Wouldn’t buy her record, but I support her.

Time to watch Eileen’s marriage fall apart. For the love of God, this couple is horrible. They tolerate each other but don’t appear to like each other. Eileen is being reasonable and Vince is being a douche. She apologizes for being a bitch to him earlier, he calls her an idiot, and I’m thinking she wanted out of the marriage and knew the show would help move that along, which is why she chose to do it. Ugh.
Time to watch Rinna be an idiot and her daughters be brats. Nothing to see here people so I’m going to fold some laundry and spend time with my boyfriend, Jose Cuervo. Over to Kyle, she is taking her pretentious, annoying, and miserable daughters to get their ears pierced. I. Just. Can’t. Seriously, Kyle is a horrible woman, which is why her sisters, the women who know her best, can’t stand her.

LVP is now going to give the horses to Ken for his birthday and I’m really bored. Brandi losing her mind and what little class she had tweeting LVP this week is more interesting than this. The thirst is real and while I think Brandi should come back to the show, she is seemingly sabotaging her chances. Poor girl. Not too bright that one. Bless her. I’m going to empty my dishwasher. Blah, blah, blah.

Cut to Yolanda’s house, where she and David are hosting Erika and her husband Tom. Erika is beautiful, her husband is lovely, David is a putz, and Yolanda is broken. This is hard to watch and I feel sad for Yolanda and David. They had a lovely life and their marriage ended in no small part to her illness and his ego. The two things could not live together and I get it, but it is really sad and says more about him than her.

Time to watch Kyle be a stage mom. Kyle is gross and hearing her talk about how she was an actress as a child makes my lower back hurt. Kyle needs to stop talking about Kim and stop saying stupid shit. She says Kim was born with her issues and her life as a child actress had nothing to do with her drinking. Ugh. Kyle is an idiot and like her sisters, I’d like her to just shut the fuck up already.

The hooker who helps Yolanda is packing up her medicine and it is sad. Yolanda made a mistake by being on this season and watching her is uncomfortable. Over to Rinna, she is technologically stunted and it is not funny, although I think that is what she was going for. She also needs to remodel her kitchen. She tells us she is not smart and while again she is going for cute, she is coming across as a moron.



Yolanda and David are on vacation in Canada and it is spectacular. We are watching a marriage end and it makes me feel bad to be watching. Back in Beverly Hills, LVP is having the girls around to see the horses. Ugh. Rinna arrives first, in desperate need of a sandwich. Kyle comes next, in shoes that she cannot walk in. LVP starts by asking if Kyle has spoken to Kim, knowing she has not. LVP is truly a bitch.

Apparently Kim trashed LVP in the press, calling her a phony. LVP asks Kyle why she would do that and it is hilarious because I talk to Kim more than Kyle does because we get our hair done at the same place. Dear Lord.  LVP talks about Brandi, Rinna stands up for LVP, and I am laughing at how pathetic these women are. Brandi and Kim dodged a bullet and while I get they need the money, they’re better off not here.

We have come to the part of the show where Rinna jumps straight into hell and we get to watch. Rinna suggests Yolanda is suffering from Munchausen syndrome, not Lyme disease. Really? Lisa Rinna is a dumbass and the truth is there are no surprises here. She threw her own ailing father under the bus for camera time so of course she would say something idiotic about a woman she doesn’t know well.

She threatened Kim last year, and questions Yolanda in an inappropriate way now. I don’t know what is going on with Yolanda. The truth is none of us know her struggle unless we are walking in her shoes. The lack of support and respect to her is shocking. It’s a scripted, fake, crap fest, but even this is too much. The lack of decency blows my mind and I would punch Rinna if I were Yolanda.

Eileen finally arrives and tells us she can feel something in the air. Kyle eats while Rinna tells Eileen her theory. She spins it by saying she feels bad for engaging and it is hilarious. Rinna does not feel bad, she is back peddling and it is pathetic. This show is in the gutter and the fun is gone. Maybe it will come back, or maybe we’ll be stuck in a season of complete bullshit where nobody is keeping it real.



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