1. Counseling Support – You guys are so quick in responding!!! I can’t even begin to imagine how many people you deal with day-to-day!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for taking the time to respond so quickly. I really appreciate it.

    • Hello Dee Richland,

      Nutrisystem got great customer support whose key focus is to ensure they do everything possible to help
      each customer achieve their weight loss goal.
      I think should just keep it up this way!

  2. Nutrisystem worked for me because the program is easy to follow, the food tastes great, and it gave me the structure I needed to accomplish my weight loss goals. So far I have lost 105 lbs and I feel great! Nutrisystem takes the guess work away; no counting calories, just open the food and enjoy! I was still able to enjoy my favorite foods like pizza, muffins, and popcorn which helped curb cravings.

    My tips to anyone looking for a program that works is just order online make use of their 2017 Discount Code. Nutrisystem will change your life as it did mine. No more excuses, it’s time to make yourself a priority!

    • Hey “Morgan Leavenworth”….
      you are right…

      I have been on the program for about 6 weeks. Easter and Passover were difficult times but now I am back on track. The food is very tasty and generally enough. Learning to drink all of the required water is a continual work in progress.

  3. I wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with the Nutrisystem’s program. Today was my 28th day and I’m down 13.4 lbs! I’ve been on every diet known to man and this one works! I have cheekbones again!!! I love the convenience, the food is good, I’m getting healthy again, and I’m able to resist the junk in the evening because I have my delicious Nutri-snack! When I’m down my 50 lbs, my husband is buying me a new wardrobe!

  4. I purchased some breakfast muffins at a store and they were suspicious. I wrote to Nutrisystems and they promptly responded to my email and have taken care of the issue. I appreciate their timeliness and the concern for their customers!

  5. Weight loss counseling – Thank you Brooke for all your help today and your information was very informative. Also Thank you for emailing me right away. The Nutrisystem Grocery guide… I will follow what we discussed and I will get back to you on 3/7/17 to let you know how much weight I have loss. Have a wonderful evening. And YAY ZUMBA.

  6. I would love to get a menu with each order that says, “Here is what you eat for each meal each day for the 28 day”. As an example: Day1 Breakfast – Blueberry Muffin, Snack – Cheese Puffs, Lunch- Loaded Baked Potato, Snack- Thin Mint Crisp Bar, Dinner – Thick Crust Pizza. Day2 etc Day 3 Etc.
    This would work great for me.

  7. I am new to the Nutrisystem program and rounding into my 2nd week. I was pleasantly surprised how good the food was! So far everything I have eaten has been delicious and with salads and vegetable, I have been very satisfied. There’s a lot of food to consume! WOW… The staff have been very helpful, knowledgeable and supportive. I greatly appreciate the support and I have lost 5 lbs. in the first 10 days. Yes!



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