87 Year Old Trainer Shares Her Secret To Losing Weight

Athletic Greens | By Sue Thompson
9I remember the day like yesterday.It was a brisk January afternoon and it was the 1st time I had walked into a gym in over 2 years.My best friend Jessica’s always went to this gym and she had just given me a free 10 day pass with a complimentary training session with her favorite trainer to help me get back in shape.I guess she also noticed that I had been a little low on

energy and had been down in the dumps after putting on a few unexplained pounds. (And she knew losing weight had been my New Year’s Resolution for the past 3 years!)

Jessica had always been bragging about this gym and had repeatedly said she had By Far the best Personal Trainer around.

Most of the time I would politely ignore her rhapsodies, but for some reason this time I listened to her. What was so special about Jessica’s personal trainer?
More on that later.


As I walked through the doors and up to the entrance desk, I gave the gym staff my 10 day voucher and let them know that I had an appointment setup with Jessica’s Personal Trainer.

They smiled at me, gave me some paperwork to fill out, and said she would be right out for my free session.

She then walked out to greet me….. She was quite small, but she had a certain glow about her. She looked lean, defined and was in magnificent shape.


She took me on a tour of the gym, talked to me about my goals and expectations,then we started into a workout.

During our workout session she pushed me pretty hard. Really hard actually, and more than half of the time she was doing the exercises right next to me while at the same time coaching me through mine!


After the session and 45 minutes workout time I was exhausted, but she was still brimming with energy.

We started chitchatting after the workout and it was during this conversation when she told me she had been a personal trainer for over 40 years and just celebrated her 87th birthday!

Wait…. what? Did I hear that correctly? Did she just say she was 87 years old? I was dumbstruck.


She looked half that age! The person that was just pushing me to my limits in the gym was 87 years old!? I couldn’t believe it.

I had to know what her secret was.

Was it her diet? Her years of Personal Training? Or just good genetics? I wasn’t sure… but I had to find out.


I remember our conversation like it was yesterday. “What’s your secret” I asked her? Not being able to hold back my enthusiasm.

She looked at me quizzically. “What’s my secret for what?” She said back playfully.

“How do you have so much energy and look so fit??!! I mean I have never seen any 87 year old look the way you do and have energy to burn after a 45 minute gym session.

She laughed and then told me a quick story.


She told me that a long time her she discovered that when she would eat a certain combination of foods, her energy levels would go through the roof and any excess fat she had would just melt away.

I raised my eyebrow and was skeptical.

But the proof was right in front of my eyes. She was 87 years old, looked amazing, could keep up with anybody in the gym, was a full time personal trainer, and still had more energy than most 45 year olds.


What? Can you say that again?

She told me that years ago she discovered that when she ate a combination of carrot powder, green tea extract and cocoa she would notice she would have tons of energy, she would exercise more and her weight would just fall off.

She said that since then she’s felt great and that now she never went a day without eating this magic combination of superfoods.

I can still remember her face and how her eyes lit up when she was telling me this. After I got home from the gym, I needed more answers, so I hopped on my computer to do some research.

After reading tons of websites, research papers and magazines… I found something that backed up her extraordinary finding.


What I found was this:
1. Carrot root extract – contains vitamin A which can help support gut barrier function and your ability to absorb more nutrients from the food you eat:*
2. Green tea extract – contains catechins and has been clinically linked to increases in energy:* and 3. Cocoa – which has been shown to help delay the onset of fatigue.*


Amazing. And so simple as well.

It’s so obvious that if your body can absorb more of your nutrients from the food you already eat or you could delay the onset of fatigue….. of course you will have lots more energy.

After I discovered this, I began to search for stores, or place that actually made a drink or a powder that had this magic combination of ingredients.


I wanted something quick and easy because I couldn’t see myself blending these foods together every day. After some more surfing the web I came across a company called Athletic Greens.

I reviewed their site and I dug into who Athletic Greens were, what they stood for, and whether or not their product worked.

I found that Athletic Greens uses over 75 vegetables, has lots of happy customers and has been specially formulated with carrot root extract, cocoa and green tea extract in order to maximize your body’s nutrient absorption rate* so you can start to have the energy you need to work out and get that slim and sexy waist line you’ve always desired.

I had to try it.


I didn’t care about the cost so I happily paid the $97…. because if this product worked…it would be an absolute bargain.

After a few days of anxiously waiting by the mailbox for my Athletic Greens, it finally arrived. I opened it immediately and put one teaspoon of the powder into a cup of water, stirred it round and drank it down.


It tasted great, and I was really surprised with how addictive it was. .

After finishing the glass I was expecting that I would immediately start bounding over cars….

However… Nothing happened…. So I waited.


And then waited some more.

I drank one glass of Athletic Greens each morning for 5 days and I didn’t notice any changes.

But then on day 6…I noticed a bit of a shift.

Somehow I was a lot less tired than I was previously. I felt like I wanted to exercise (and I did) and after a few more days I started to look and feel amazing. I felt like I could run through wall and…


I could conquer the world.

I sat down for a minute and gathered my thoughts. I remembered the day when I first met the Personal Trainer and what she said to me about this magic combination of superfoods.

And after only a short time of taking Athletic Greens, I believed every word she told me.

Now, it’s been over 6 months since I first started drinking Athletic Greens– and I have lost a ton of weight and I am able to fit into clothes that haven’t fit me since college.


I especially noticed that when I combined Athletic Greens with their powerful fish oil and delicious low fat recipes… my results went through the roof

I feel great and my energy levels remain sky high as well.


Not surprisingly Athletic Greens has been getting a lot of press lately because best selling fitness authors like Tim Ferriss and world champion athletes are constantly promoting and using this amazing product.

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