P90X Workout Reviews -Tony Horton’s 90-Day Extreme Home Fitness Workout DVD


What to Expect from P90X Workout DVD – TONY HORTON’S 90-Day Extreme Home Fitness Workout DVD Program – FREE Shipping.

P90X Workout Reviews

Tired of ineffective workouts that sound great but produce less-than-optimal results? Turn to the P90X workout Extreme Home Fitness system, a bundle of 12 sweat-inducing, muscle-pumping workouts designed to transform your body from regular to ripped in just 90 days. Hosted by personal trainer Tony Horton, the series of DVDs will help you get lean, bulk up, or grow stronger, with an endless variety of mix-and-match routines to keep you motivated.

The secret behind the P90X Workout system is an advanced training technique called “muscle confusion,” which accelerates the fitness process by constantly introducing new moves and routines so that your body never plateaus and you never get bored. The more you confuse the muscle, the harder your body has to work to keep up. And the more variety you put into your workout, the better and faster your results will be. By breaking old routines and opening new doors, secondary and tertiary muscles are constantly being activated and developed.


The P90X Workout Review

After the first 3 weeks of P90X workout are completed, there is a one week of “Recovery Phase” workout routine. In month 2 and 3 there is also a recovery phase at the end of each month.

P90X Workout Review of Each DVD: What to Expect from this DVD

P90X Workout Reviews Disc 1. P90x Reviews: Chest & Back (53 minutes)
Disc 2. P90X Reviews: Plyometrics (58 minutes)
Disc 3. P90X Reviews: Shoulders & Arms (60 minutes)
Disc 4. P90X Reviews: Yoga X (92 minutes)
Disc 5. P90X Reviews: Legs & Back (59 minutes)
Disc 6. P90X Reviews: Kenpo X (59 minutes)
Disc 7. P90X Reviews: X Stretch (59 minutes)
Disc 8. P90X Reviews: Core Synergistics (58 minutes)
Disc 9. P90X Reviews: Chest, Shoulers & Triceps (56 minutes)
Disc 10. P90X Reviews: Back & Biceps (52 minutes)
Disc 11. P90X Reviews: Cardio X (44 minutes)
Disc 12. P90X Reviews: Ab Ripper X (16 minutes)


A Typical P90X Extreme Home Fitness System

When it comes to working out, there are endless options available to you. You can simply hit the outdoors and bike, run or swim, join a gym and workout on your own, get a personal trainer, join a boot camp or work out on your own at home with a DVD system. You may want to consider the comprehensive P90X Workout DVD system by Beachbody known as P90X.
P90X® is a complete 90-day home fitness system designed to get you in the best shape of your life. Created by trainer Tony Horton, the program includes 12 intense workouts that use resistance and body-weight training, cardio, plyometrics, ab work, martial arts and yoga, along with a nutrition plan, fitness guide and workout calendar.


P90X Workout Reviews

Each workout begins with a basic warm-up. During the warm-up, users jog in place, perform jumping jacks, jump from side-to-side and perform high knees, etc. This warm-up is followed with stretching. The warm-up can be strenuous at first and leaves those not in top physical form gasping for air. But, don’t worry as your body does get use to the warm-up and exercises.

After the warm-up and stretch Tony Horton starts right away into the exercises. Tony does a great job of instructing you in a manner that is easy to understand. He will demonstrate each exercise before it is performed. He provides tips along the way to prevent injury and gives you options of exercise variations to either make it easier or more challenging.

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Positives of P90X Workout Extreme Home Fitness System
P90X Workout Reviews

1. The Workouts are Intense: You might be wondering why is this a good thing? Well, if it the workouts were easy then you would not get the results as quickly as you can. Ultimately, P90X Reviews have mentioned that they get a full years workout results in only 90 days. The workouts intensity will challenge you, but it is attainable if you dedicate your body and mind to it.
2. Its a DVD Workout Program: The P90X Extreme Home Fitness program is performed in the privacy of the user’s home, so there are no worries of embarrassment in front of other people. The fact that you can use the workout program is on a DVD format is great because you can literally use it anywhere. You can bring the DVDs where ever you go, so if you are business traveler its great because you can just play the DVDs in your hotel or at the gym.
3. Tony Horton is Entertaining: The creator of the program, Tony Horton., is encouraging andeasily understood. He is motivational without sounding mechanical. Some fitness instructors on video can sound annoying. Tony Horton has a smooth approach but intense enough to keep you going. You get pumped up during each workout.
4. Minimal Workout Equipment Required: You only need a few small equipment to do P90X. Some items you need are a Pull-up bar, yoga-mat, push-up stands, and some light Barbells. The days of heavy, bulky workout equipment that takes up a lot of space are over. You just need your own body weight for most of the routines.
5. Free P90X Nutrition Plan: The P90X nutrition plan enclosed with the program stresses the importance of getting enough calories within each meal to support the intense workout and training. The P90X nutrition plan provides some insight of foods to eat and other items to avoid.
6. P90X Workout Schedule of 90 Days: One of the great things about the P90X Schedule is the timeline. With P90X most people can fathom giving themselves a 3 month goal. Its short enough that can be easily achieved. Most people after 90 days do continue to workout because they have been accustomed to the daily routine of working out. If you choose to continue a healthy lifestyle, Tony Horton created the sequel to P90X called “P90X-2.”
7. Offers a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee: If you buy from the official Beachbody website you get a 90 Day Full Refund (minus shipping and handling). So there is no risk if you buy the P90X Workout program. You could literally workout for the entire program and if you didn’t like the results you could return the program.
8. P90X Workout Results: One of the reasons that people all over the world love the P90X Workout is the results that you get after you finish the program. The total body transformation is amazing. The P90X video speaks for itself.


Negatives of the P90X Workout:

1. Requires Dedication: The P90X Workout program is not a “quick fix.” Users must devote time and energy to the program to achieve success. Only users with a large amount of determination and dedication will be able to successfully comple the program.

2. Weight Training: The program does involve strength training so those users hoping to “lean-down” might be concerned with gaining muscle-mass. Unlike other workout programs that stresses cardio, P90X is more focused on lean-muscle-development.

3. No More Junk Food: One of the toughest parts of following the P90X Nutrition Plan is changing your diet. Most people are accustomed to eating fast food and meals that have high preservatives. Reducing the amount of junk food in your diet might be tough for some people. However, after working out your body won’t crave this type of food.

What Can I Expect From the Program?

P90X Workout Reviews

The P90X Workout Program was designed to increase your overall strength, build your core, improve agility, burn fat and help you achieve maximum results through repeated muscle confusion. If you decide to embark on the P90X journey, you should expect to be challenged day in and day out for a solid three months. This is not a workout for beginners and you will realize that once you complete the fit test. With that said, if you follow the program and put effort into it each day, you will see results and it will help you accomplish the fitness goals it promises to deliver.

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P90X Workout Review Conclusion:

Conclusion: Should I or Shouldn’t I Do the P90X Extreme Home Fitness System?

If you are working out on a somewhat regular basis and not seeing the results you want, then P90X is what you may be missing.  As I said earlier, this is not a program for beginners but instead for those in good physical condition looking to improve their physique and see results. P90X Workout is a simple program that can accomplish that because it can be done at home with minimal equipment.

The workouts are challenging but they will give you the results you have been looking for. The free weights, resistance bands and pull-up bar provide variety to at home workouts that typically do not include any equipment other than a DVD player. If you are still not convinced and need more input from others that have taken on the P90X challenge themselves.
Are You Ready to Get Started? There is NO RISK for P90X Workout.

P90X Workout Reviews

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P90X Workout Reviews






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