Dr. Al Sears Primal Force Ultra Accel Review – Beat the Signs and Symptoms of Aging With This “Super Nutrient”?


Ultra Accel is a supplement that contains a vital nutrient that helps the body increase the cellular energy throughout the body.

Ultra Accel contain Superior Cardio and Antioxidant Support with AMPK-boosting Gynostemma extract and Super-Energizing PQQ. Increasing the amount of cellular energy in the body allows the tissues, organs, and every system throughout the body to act as though it is charged, containing a youthful energization.

The best part about Ultra Accel is that is keeps this burst of energy at a steady level, meaning those who take the supplement are constantly feeling more rejuvenated and more youthful.


How Does Primal Force Ultra Accel II Work?

Most people don’t realize that common symptoms of aging, like loss of energy, weight gain, sluggishness, and more, stems from the fact that as you age your cellular mitochondria begins to die off. And since your mitochondria is responsible for creating cellular energy, these symptoms become worse as it begins to go.

The goal of Primal Force Ultra Accel II is to create the right combination of ingredients to re-ignite your mitochondria, raise your metabolic rate, and provide you with the energy and stamina you used to have and help Beat the Signs and Symptoms of Aging With This “Super Nutrient.

Discover This “Strange NASA Nutrient” That Does What CoQ10 Can Never Do!

Dr. Al Sears, is a medical doctor in Palm Beach, Florida. He reveal his #1 secret for anti-aging and super health. Even better, you can now use this same secret just like his patients do.

He explain his secret about a discovery that can make you feel like you have a new heart, a new brain, a new body and new-found energy… something far beyond the power of CoQ10 alone.

The key to the power behind Primal Force’s Ultra Accel II is mitochondria, or power generators. In younger people, mitochondria are present in abundant amounts. However, as people age, these levels seem to decrease. Research has found that this decrease could be the reason so many older people suffer from exhaustion and lack of energy.

For those who are ready to feel energized again, having the push and invigoration they had when they were younger, Ultra Accel offers the safest, natural solution.



How Does Primal Force’s Ultra Accel II Work?

There are two things that set Ultra Accel apart from other anti-aging supplements. Most of these other supplements only contain one key ingredient, CoQ10. While this ingredient is vital, one of the reasons it’s so widely used in supplements, a new ingredient has come to the light which increases the mitochondria in the body.

Combination of these two key components, Ultra Accel is able to multiply the amount of energy and even the strength in the body. It clears the mind, increasing cognitive function and allowing users to feel young again.

The ingredient that makes Ultra Accel such a force is called pyrroloquinoline quinone, or PQQ. This compound boosts the genes in the body, allowing them to begin producing mitochondria again.

Because mitochondria are what hold the energy in the body, giving users a youthful feeling, the fact that PQQ is able to do this is a vital discovery. The fact that when PQQ is combined with CoQ10 its effects are tenfold.

PQQ and CoQ10 are teammates when it comes to the power of Ultra Accel. The PQQ increases the amount of mitochondria in the body and the CoQ10 generates the power within these mitochondria. The result is reaction unseen before.

Users of Ultra Accel are completely turning their lives around, gaining the energy and focus they once had in their youth.

Ingredients and Side Effects

In order to meet the goals stated above, Dr. Al Sears choose three ingredients: Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, PQQ, and CoQ10.

There are many health and wellness supplement providers that believe a combination of PQQ and CoQ10 re-invigorate your cell’s mitochondria and is able to relieve many different common and age related problems. Primal Force Ultra Accel II adds an important third ingredient, Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, which they say has the ability to stimulate an enzyme referred to as AMPK.

AMPK is called the “Master Metabolic Regulator,” because it has the ability to “flip a switch” in your body to improve your health and increase your life’s longevity, in addition to speeding up metabolism so that you will naturally burn fat and lose weight.

All these ingredients are all natural, and have no records of any negative side effects from incorporating this supplement into daily routine.



What are the Benefits of Using Ultra Accel?

The biggest benefits tied to using this supplement are easy to explain.

Ultra Accel help anyone re-ignite your mitochondria, raise your metabolic rate, and provide you with the energy and stamina you used to have and help Beat the Signs and Symptoms of Aging.

Energy levels will increase. The metabolism will be revitalized, burning fat more effectively. However, these benefits are really only the beginning when it comes to this supplement.

Because it completely changes how the body works, this supplement has a host of benefits, touching on a few key points in the body:

Heart Health: Ultra Accel has been clinically proven to support and improve cardiovascular health.

Blood Sugar: The supplement is able to help users maintain or even out their blood sugar levels, returning them to normal.

Eyesight: When users take this supplement for an extended period of time, about a year, their eyesight was shown to improve.

Memory: This supplement is able to improve memory, as well as the focus needed for learning and retaining the information learned.

Lung Capacity: Ultra Accel is able to protect and promote the health of the bronchial.

Oral Health: The supplement is also able to improve the health of gums and teeth.

Clarity: After taking Ultra Accel daily, users felt more clear headed, with sharper focus and clarity.

Youthful Skin: Finally, the supplement has been found to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

It’s also been closely tied to protecting the skin from sun damage.


Who Created Ultra Accel?

Primal Force’s Ultra Accel II was created by Al Sears, MD. He is a medical doctor and a board certified anti-aging physician. His focus on ways to stop and reverse aging in the body have made him a leader at the forefront of this movement. He is a clinical nutritionist, strength coach, and fitness trainer. In addition to these amazing qualities, he is also a best-selling author.

Purchasing Primal Force’s Ultra Accel II

The powerful combination of PQQ and CoQ10 should be expensive. In fact, any other supplement that comes close to containing all these benefits would cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars. However, Ultra Accel is currently being offered for $69.95 at the official website.

In addition to this sharp decrease in price, Ultra Accel is also offering an introductory limited time trial offer, where customers can save $14 on the price above, bringing it down to $55.96.

There is also a VIP special introductory offer available for the purchase of this supplement. This allows users to get two bottles of Ultra Accel for only $55.96. This is a savings of $83.95. And this includes free shipping.


The best part about purchasing Ultra Accel is that it comes with a satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee has no expiration date. If in two years, customers are disappointed with Ultra Accel, they can still reach out and get a refund.

All that is required is for Ultra Accel to be taken every day to see the changes. If, however, these changes don’t come, customers are free to return their order to get a full refund. This makes buying Ultra Accel completely risk free.

See for yourself the difference that pure, potent, natural CoQ10 plus PQQ and Gynostemma extract can make such as: More energy, more heart protection, better sleep, more excitement and enthusiasm, sharper vision, more endurance, and all the speed and mobility that keeps you going day after day.