BLACKCORE EDGE Reviews – SCAM or Does it work? Side Effects


Blackcore Edge Max Review – Worth Buying? – Warning


Blackcore Edge Max Natural Testosterone Enhancement is yet another male sexual enhancement formula that promises to give you better erections and a more intense orgasm. Is this another scam? Or does it actually work? Let’s find out.


What is Blackcore Edge Max?

Blackcore Edge Max is a nutritional supplement that claims to skyrocket your testosterone levels so you’re “like a raging beast.”

By taking the supplement daily, you can give yourself more intense orgasms, better erections, and more satisfying sex – at least, according to the makers of the supplement.

Blackcore Edge Natural Testosterone Enhancement – also known as Blackcore Edge Max – is targeted towards men who have trouble in the bedroom. The company specifically mentions problems like “lack of stamina and libido” or “easily gets tired during sex”.

If you’re suffering from one or more of those issues, then Blackcore Edge promises to help cure your sexual dysfunction.

As proof that their supplement works, the official Blackcore Edge website is filled with pictures of chiseled dudes making out with half-naked women who are clearly satisfied. That’s their “proof”. The formula has never gone through any clinical trials or scientific studies. In fact, the only study listed as “proof” is one small study performed on Chinese rats.

The makers of Blackcore-Edge Max make a separate formula called Blackcore Edge Max Nitric Oxide Booster. Don’t confuse that formula with what we’re talking about here.

Should you be the guinea pig for Blackcore Edge Max? Let’s take a closer look at how it works.


How Does Blackcore Edge Max Work?

Blackcore Edge Max claims to offer benefits similar to steroids: it raises your testosterone levels, leading to enhanced sexual performance.

Instead of flooding your body with raw testosterone like steroids, however, Blackcore Edge Max claims to raise your testosterone levels using natural ingredients.

Those “natural” ingredients include a wide variety of herbal extracts that were used by ancient civilizations to raise libido. Very few of the ingredients are backed by any scientific evidence, and it’s unclear how safe the ingredients are. Once again, the formula has never been studied nor has its safety been verified.

Active ingredients in BlackcoreEdge include wild yam extract, nettle extract, saw palmetto, orchic, tongkat ali, epimedium, sarsaparilla, and boron amino acid chelate.

Most of these ingredients have been linked to enhanced libido in some form or another. However, few of them have been shown to legitimately increase your testosterone levels., for example, reports that orchic extract is traditionally used to maintain testicular health in men. However, there’s “insufficient evidence” to support that benefit – and there’s no evidence to suggest it has any other benefits on sexual health. Orchic, by the way, is actually just a fancy name for cow testicles.

Epimedium, on the other hand, is the taxonomical name for horny goat weed, which is an ingredient we’ve seen pop up in plenty of other male enhancement formulas. Once again, reports there’s insufficient evidence that it can be used to treat any type of sexual problems, ejaculation problems, or erectile dysfunction.

There are some small studies that claim the above ingredients can individually enhance sexual performance when used at a specific dosage. Unfortunately, the makers of Black Core Edge never give us any dosage information – so we can’t even compare the benefits of these studies to the effectiveness of Blackcore Edge Max.

For example, the makers of Blackcore Edge Max cite this study, where Chinese researchers used horny goat weed to treat rats with injured cavernous nerves. This study appears to have used a much higher dosage than is found in Blackcore Edge-Max and, once again, it involved rats and not humans.

Typically, manufacturers will hide their dosage information when they’re trying to disguise weak ingredients and low dosages. That’s likely the case with Blackcore Edge.


Blackcore Edge Max Pricing

Blackcore Edge’s shady marketing tactics should already be setting off alarm bells in your head. But just wait until you read the pricing policies. It’s where Blackcore-Edge turns from a poor-quality nutritional supplement into a scam.

-The manufacturer tells you that BlackcoreEdge is only available through a trial program. You’re asked to pay $4.95 for that trial and are led to believe that’s the only price you pay.

-You’ll receive BlackcoreEdge within 5 business days. However, within 10 calendar days, you’ll automatically be charged $85.95 for the full price of the supplement. So you might only have a day or two to try the supplement before you need to cancel your trial and return it for a refund.

-If you don’t return Blackcore Edge Max for a refund within the 10 day trial period, you will be charged $85.95 + $4.95 shipping every month for the rest of your life or until you cancel

Ultimately, all of this information is hidden in the fine print of the terms and conditions on the official Blackcore Edge website. Even though most people never read every word of the terms and conditions, you technically agreed to these terms when you signed up to receive the supplement. Scammy manufacturers know you’re not going to read the terms and conditions, so they hide payment terms like this inside.

In any case, you need to call the company at 877-516-7511 to request a refund or cancel your subscription. However, don’t be surprised if the company makes things difficult on you: customer reviews online for similar autoship scams always talk about how hard it is to cancel the service.

Many people say they have called customer service to cancel, received a cancellation confirmation, and then have continued to receive supplements and credit card charges for months into the future.

The best solution is to never give your credit card information to Black core Edge in the first place.


Who Makes Blackcore Edge Max?

Blackcore Edge is made by a company named Edgeline Performance. You can reach that company by calling 877-516-7511 or by emailing

You can also contact the company by mail or visit their corporate address here:

PO Box 25380
Santa Ana, CA 92799

That address is listed as the corporate headquarters, although it’s just a PO box address.

Edgeline Performance sells a small number of supplements online, including Blackcore Edge Max Nitric Oxide Booster (which is different from Black core Edge Natural Testosterone Enhancement) and a forskolin diet pill supplement.

The company does not appear to perform any types of clinical trials or tests on its products, and none of them are well-reviewed online.


Should You Use Blackcore Edge Max to Raise Testosterone Levels?

Blackcore Edge Max benefits make it sound like a replacement to steroids. You can give yourself enormous erections, supercharge your testosterone levels, and basically turn yourself into a sex god – at least, according to the manufacturer.

In reality, there’s no evidence that backs up any of these claims. When asked to provide evidence, the makers of Blackcore Edge simply list one study that was done in China on a small group of rats. Making things worse is that the study used a different dosage, and we never actually learn the dosage of any ingredient in Blackcore Edge Max.

And we haven’t even talked about the scammy pricing policy yet, where you’re told the supplement is priced at just $5 only to be secretly charged nearly $100 just 10 days later – and then continuously charged $100 every month thereafter.

Obviously, these aren’t policies used by reputable supplement manufacturers who make good supplements. Stay far away from Blackcore Edge Max  and stay with most trusted and effective Natural Testosterone Enhancement.